Thursday, December 30, 2021



I have taken a few days to mull over the recent atrocious events leading up to the final attack of a rapist against his victims. Yes, I am talking about the dead. About a dead man. A man whose נשמה was dead way before his גוף.

Rapists have no soul. In its’ place is an abysmal emptiness that prowls to fill the void with cruel pleasure. And just like the addict who is never satisfied and keeps needing a new fix, so too, the rapist. Like CHAIM WALDER.

There are two types of rape. The one where a rapist grabs a random person and rapes her/him. Then there is the calculated rapist who knows the victim well, including all her/his vulnerabilities, grooms the victim, initiates the sexual relationship, and rapes her/him over and over. The latter is much worse, because as opposed to the random rape attack, the rapist who is well acquainted with the victim oftentimes turns her/him into a sex slave, to the extent that the victim believes in the attacker and may even develop romantic feelings for the attacker, manifested as the Stockholm Syndrome.

The clever experienced rapist will create all types of alibis and evidences (just in case…) even while the attacks are going on. This type of rapist is not just content to rape, but when bored with the victim will secure innocence by threatening the victim with the shame of exposure or legal repercussions.

Though this type of rape happens in the secular world, tragically it is very common in the Frum world. If there are any witnesses, they usually turn away and will even be defensive of the rapist. The victim has nowhere to turn. Until the day that she/he decides to stand up to her/his attacker. In most cases it will work against the victim, because the rapist will create an image of victimhood in an attempt to make the accuser appear as the predator! Sounds twisted, but those who are familiar with such cases, will agree.

Chaim Walder cleverly used his power to feed his pleasure for sexual force. And he did that for a very long time. Kol Hakovod to the holy Rabbonim who stood up for the victims and condemned the acts of Chaim Walder.

The takeaway lesson from this ugly tale is that even though we finally see that justice could have taken place, the rapist still made sure to have the last say. Chaim Walder wrote an arrogant suicide letter, calling the Rabbonim to a Bais Din in shamayim. Even in his last moments of life, the rapist left the world with the self-created image of a victim.

by Baila Sebrow


Birds of a Feather said...

Regarding Zvi Gluck pretending to be part of the Walder solution, when he is part of the problem, here is some important information on the background.

Gluck went to the farce, 5th rate yeshiva on the side for college boys in Fresh Meadows, Queens, which shyster Faskowitz has the chutzpah to call Novardok. Almost as a big a chutzpah is Faskowitz calling himself rosh yeshiva when he is a busybody hocker running around with politics. Faskowitz, besides being a money grubber, has a long sick, history of going to bat for molesters. He is first cousin of Mordechai Tendler's wife Michelle Tendler & mechuton of Ephraim Bryks so he cermoniously resigned from the OU's RCA in protest of those molesters being expelled. He also fought for notorious molesters at his previous shul in Canarsie, Brooklyn, in cahoots with the then shul President, molester super-advocate Judge Steve Mostofsky, President Emeritus of National Council of Young Israel. Mostofsky's son is the buffoon who was arrested for participating in the US Capitol riot dressed like a caveman.

Google was hit with a legal pressure attempt to take down UOJ exposing Mostofsky's pro-molester shenanigans here

Anonymous said...

Rabbonim who knew what was happening for 20 years and did nothing are worse the Walder. Walder had a taava and couldn't stop. What was the rabbis excuse of not stopping him. I've read comments that all of Bnei Brak knew what was happening.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that if a hareidi kid who is kind, considerate, ethical and good goes off the derech, many parents throw them onto the street with no way to support themselves, yet someone like Walder, an evil narcissist, is lauded throughout his life and even after his death. Is that the definition of a cult?