Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Spinka Rebbe brings his grandchild to get a bracha from Berland an admitted rapist and thief



LES AYM said...

How recent is this?

Baal Ha Boss said...

if you dont read any news outside mishpacha or kol ho'oilom jeeloi how would you know what ebrland really is like

naftulie said...

Which spenka Reba is this

Frum but normal said...

Not much difference between the two of them, most (not all) of these so called Rebbelech are nothing but fake and frauds, empty suits who don't contribute anything to society but actually are a burden.
They should all get a job and work for a living

na said...

this is what happens when you only read charedy news. and follow the "gedolim" and don't have treifene internet, you run to get brochos from famous rapists, murderers and fraudsters and film it while smiling ear to ear. Berland - a person whos done all three, lo tirtzach, lo Sinof and lo signov.

Joel said...

Wake up smell the coffee stop reading and believing all the made up propaganda said about this rabbi most of the rabbinim in Israel are pro him so why do u keep on hating

Dusiznies said...

I not only "smell" the coffee but I also drank it,
Berlans Ym"s is an admitted adulterer an a thief
the rabbis that you are talking about do not read or hear the news they are basically ignorant
He must be hated and exposed according to Halacha

Berland's Tuchas said...

Berland is a משחית
and a חוטא ומחטא את הרבים
The fact that other "rabbanim in Israel are pro him" means nothing as most of the rabbanim supported Korach

Joel said...

@dusizneis that’s the point theses rabbanim don’t read the news cause the media makes up all these stories hopefully one day you will also see the truth as more and more people are seeing it by the day
This last made up story of the murder from 35 yrs ago brought a lot of people that were against the rabbi to join and be pro because even the media came out that this was a false accusation so people are starting to realize that everything was false all along

Dusiznies said...

I will not allow you to use my forum to back a menuval! The truth came out along time ago, when Berland's gabbai caught him screwing his wife! Berland himself admitted in open court and swore that he screwed married women.
The truth is that 2 people were murdered 35 years ago and it is inconceivable that they would have done that with out the menuvals approval.
He is a חוטא ומחטא את הרבים
Instead of backing this vile human you should do the Mitzvah De'Orissah
ובערת הרע בקרבך

Berland's wife said...

this has nothing to do with the media. Berland told the judge in detail what he did and with whom he did it with. This was in front of Judges and those who were in court, this was not in private.
According to his very own words he is an admitted rapist and thief.

Y said...

You guys are so blinded by the media this rabbi takes on himself yissurim the fact that he admitted to anything everyone knowws it’s not true even the court knows that if they really believed it the rabbi would still be in jail why would they let him out after such a short time oh cause the know it’s all bs they hated the rabbi long before any story came out do your research I can sit down with you to discuss
Just why the hate on another Jew who was mekariv thousands of people-fact

Dusiznies said...

We are not "blinded by the media" the media only reported what he actually said in court!
The reason he was let out of prison early was because he is sick, and we all hope he dies soon before he causes more bloodshed!
Shabsai Tzvi was also "mekareiv thousands"