Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Now Anti-Vaxxers Harass HaRav Chaim’s Daughter


Anti-vaxxer women came to the kabalas kahal of  HaRav Chaim Kanievsky’s daughter, Rebbetzin Leah Koledetsky, and called her a “murderer” and other derogatory terms and said they won’t leave until the Rebbetzin convinces HaRav Chaim to issue an anti-vaccine statement,  Kikar H’Shabbat reported.

Many members of the Kanievsky family have been subject to harassment and abuse by anti-vaxxers in recent weeks.

“A few women came in, one of them brought me a stack of medical records, claiming that she took care of children with COVID and saved them without vaccines,” Rebbetzin Koledetsky told a friend.

“She asked how we recommend vaccines, claiming that the vaccine kills people. She told me that I’m a murderer and insisted that in middle of kabalas kahal I should leave everything and go speak to the Rav. They wanted me to go upstairs, tell the Rav all the stories and show him the medical records and convince him to make a statement against vaccines. She threatened that she won’t move until I go to the Rav. I told her that I’ll call the police but she responded that she won’t move even if I call the police. I, of course, told her that I’m not going up to the Rav and the Rav isn’t feeling well right now and therefore isn’t dealing with this topic right now.”

“I told her that the Rav himself requested several times that I get vaccinated. At first I told the Rav that I’m high risk but the Rav told me: ‘Nothing will happen to you.’ So I went to get vaccinated. Our whole family got vaccinated. The Rav told everyone to get vaccinated, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

“Baruch Hashem that the world was saved from these lies. They said that they [the pro-vaxxers] want to decrease the birth rate but Baruch Hashem, the high birth rate has continued – almost ‘six at one time.’ All my daughters-in-law were vaccinated – before pregnancy, after pregnancy, or in middle of pregnancy – and everything was fine.”

The Rebbetzin added that HaRav Chaim heard about what happened and even requested to hear out the anti-vaxxers. “They sat there for a long time, until two in the morning. The Rav listened to everything, looked at their documents and later spoke with doctors about their claims. Afterward, the Rav said that everything is fine and all the claims are shtuyot (foolishness) and therefore we have to continue to be vaccinated.”


Anonymous said...

Anti Vaxxers are harassers. No mater who they can find. So this time they found the Rebbitzen. OK. It means nothing.

Anonymous said...

Agency OBS
("one broad said...")

Filthydelphia said...

So when did Yanky Kanievsky climb out of Shmuel Kaminetzky's back pocket?