Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Vaccine Mandate on New York Yeshivas Begins Today


Today is the day. Mayor Bill deBlasio’s tyrannical vaccine mandate on yeshivas and other private schools officially began on Monday.

All Rebbeim, teachers, administrators, office staff, and other employees of yeshivas throughout the five boroughs are legally required to be vaccinated, at least one dose, or stay home.

It is not clear whether yeshivos are planning to enforce the mandate, or whether the city is going to crack down if they do not comply. Private schools are officially required to submit proof of compliance by December 28th, and if they don’t, they may face penalties.

Meanwhile, in a few days, Eric Adams will take over as mayor. He has been extremely vague about whether he plans to enforce the mandate, or even keep it intact.

Many are outraged that the unpopular lame-duck deBlasio instituted such a broad sweeping mandate with just a few days left as mayor. Some have speculated that this was deBlasio’s way of sticking it to Adams, and placing him in a tough spot to begin his term.

In the meantime, thousands of Rebbeim, teachers, and administrators will need to wait and see how this plays out.

In total, the mandate affects about 56,000 employees at 930 schools.


Vaxx Aus said...

Why do you call it tyrranical?

It's true that de Blasio is an out of control ferd, but he is right this time. If there are no vaccine mandates, there will be no hospital beds available for real emergencies.

Anonymous said...

What do you cal all of the fully vaxxed in hospitals now? Ghosts in the beds?