Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Watch this hysterical video of a toddler imitating the Lubavitcher Rebbe At a Farbrenging


Judaisms 2 key-cults (see more here) said...

This is a perfect video how "Cult of personality" works. The key ingredient how Stalin and Hitler gained so much power over their people.

Stalin and Hitler also indoctrinated kids at a very young age.

See more at link about Judaism's 2 key-cults

Zako said...

To "Judaisms" 10:49

I'm not a Lubavitcher, but traditions are traditions, heritage is heritage.
If you don't have a past, you don't have a future either.

Hillel (democracy) not Shamai (cults)---see more here said...

Zako 10:54, good point, but,

1. This is not tradition but avoida zura (idolatry) and it plays out in very sadistic ways. (See link)

2. Besides our tradition, heritage, past, and future is Hillel NOT Shamai. (see link)

3. Also our Jewish (or any) identity) is great, if it makes collaboration with other identities even greater. Degrading other identities doesn't work and never will. (see link)

4. We were CHOSEN to serve, as Ohr Lagoyim (a light onto the nations) not for privilege's, to leach onto the nations. As commie or fascist leaches we'll keep being reminded in very deadly ways. (see link)

Eighth Lubavitcher Rebbe said...

The Lubavitcher yenuka. There is hope for Habad.

Joe Magdeburger said...

Unlike some of the previous commenters, I don't see a problem with this video. A strong central personality is a feature of monarchies such as Franz Josef 2, and can play out good or otherwise. Whatever the religion, there is the danger of posturing piety and being empty within. The child in the video was at an early stage of language skills development, and probably does delightful impressions of his caregivers. Nothing sinister at all. May this child be blessed with good role models and may he make his unique contribution to klall Yisrael

Zako said...

To 5:40 PM

1. You clearly don't know what avoda zara is. This kid on the video is not in the middle of any type of avoda zara here. Tinokos shel beis rabon (and I don't run for Chaba).
If this kid was doing something similar about a base-ball team or a progressist Disney movie, so yes it could be related to idolatry.

"See link" ? No, thanks. Progressism will not dictate my yidishkeit.

2. Where did u get this funny one ? Last time I checked, Hillel & Shamai are one thing, the two sides of the same coin. Hillel doesn't exist without Shamai, and vice versa, whether you like it or not.

3. Whoever mentioned "degrading other identities" here ? Did I miss an episode ? Are you some kind of progressist woke lunatic eternal victim ?

4. Aha... so according to you, Yidden are "privileged" and therefore Yidden are accountable for holding onto their own past and heritage (Yidden, u know, this little tiny population that so many armies and nations tried hard to massacre and destroy forever) ? I've heard this song twice before: Now in the "progressist" BLM-woke collapsing US, and back then in Berlin 1936. Keep on dreaming.
And when you finished dreaming, open up a Choivas Halevovos.

Hillel (democracy) not Shamai (cults)---see more here said...

Joe 12:14 AM, the video in itself is fun and innocent. The underlying theme and culture is not. It's undemocratic, cultish, sadistic, and follows Shamai.

Unlike Zako (12:28 AM) and his bosses or getchkes (gods) who try to silence all opposition, we follow Hillel NOT Shamai. "The Talmud states that when he passed one of the ordinances, contrary to the opinion of Hillel, the day 'was as grievous to Israel as the day when the [golden] calf was made'."

Zako (12:28 AM) and his bosses or getchkes (gods) tried to change history as Hillel AND Shamai. Well it failed. In the past the people paid the price (in Auschwitz, Rome, etc.) while the getchkes (gods) took the Kastner Train. This time Zako (12:28 AM) and his bosses or getchkes (gods) will pay the price.

~Hillel (democracy) not Shamai (cults)
See more at link
Hopefully the refuah (cure) before the makeh (attack)