Thursday, April 21, 2016

Polish guy acting as a Rabbi is a Catholic ex-cook!

polish rabbi
Jacek Niszczota
I'll bet he was yelling at his mispallalim not to talk during davening!

Not too long ago they found out that a Soifer In Lakewood was a gentile and assimilated very well into the community and was made an "eid" for many weddings!

This could never ever happen in shuls that the mispallalim talk during davening!
Now don't get me wrong, I think people when they come to shul should daven and keep their mouths shut ....
But in a zero tolerance "no talk" shul environment, people are very cold and don't care about each other ...
There I said it!
"How can you say something like that" "Why ..... even the tumedeka blog THE YESHIVA WORLD is constantly showing tumedika videos of Rabbonim screaming how important it is not to talk during davening? "

Well ... relax folks ....
In my shul there is no way that a guy could pass himself as a soifer or a Rabbi, without being questioned where he came from, who are his parents, family, occupation etc....
Because in my shul people are nosy ...and want to know everyone's business .... in a shul like that these shenanigans would never happen!
But in a town like Lakewood where if a person in shul asks someone ..the time... they give him cold freezing stares just like in a Church, then a guy who is a Catholic priest could pass himself off as a Frum Jew as long as he can  twist his large thump when told a dvar Torah! 

There has to be a happy medium .....

But why a Catholic ex-cook would want to pass himself off as a Chasiidishe Rebbe is beyond my understanding ..... he must have made one mean chulent ...and I'm confident that his kishkeh wasn't too shabby either!
His herring? ......I'm not going there!

A rabbi in Poland embraced as a Jewish community’s spiritual leader actually is not a rabbi, a Polish journalist uncovered. 
 Jacoob Ben Nistell, aka Yaakav — he used different forms of the name — admitted two weeks ago during an interview that he is not a rabbi.
 He has served for several years in Poznan, in west-central Poland. Krzysztof Kazmierczak, a reporter for Glos Wielkopolski, or The Voice of Greater Poland, discovered that the alleged rabbi in fact is Jacek Niszczota and comes from Ciechanow, a town in north-central Poland. Niszczota had claimed he was from Haifa; it was unclear if he ever lived in or even visited Israel. The deception was not discovered by the board of the Poznan branch of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. 
 “I’m surprised. I never checked his identity document,” Alicja Kobus, head of the Poznan Jewish community and vice-president of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, told Glos Wielkopolski. “He said he comes from Haifa, his mother still lives there, and he has an Israeli passport and a son in the army. I believed that he is who he says he is because of how he looked and that he was able to pray in Hebrew and knew Jewish customs.” 

As the rabbi, Niszczota led activities about Judaism for children and young people. He also participated in ecumenical prayer services with Polish bishops, and held interfaith meetings with priests and imams on behalf of the Ponzan Jewish community. 
 Niszczota refused to comment to reporters about the hoax.


Unknown said...

He looks Heimish ...
Does he have $Money$ ... ?
We may have a good Shiduch or Basherte for him ...
Any contacts on this Bucher ... ?

Anonymous said...

Well this guy is not much worse than the two TEITEL-BUM Jew hating Kapo brothers who pretend to be REBBES,but are nothing more than antiisemitic Israel and Jew hating gangsters
On second thought I would take anytime this polish guy over those two gangsters,at least this guy loves the jewish people and Israel and was trying to help them

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:06
And you are nothing better than Hitler and ALL antisemitic Ameleikim

Sam said...


Kosher Ham said...

I saw "The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob" movie. Same thing.

Anonymous said...

No raaya from this Poilisher sheiketz because the community that hired him are the biggest bunch of irreligious clueless am haaratzim.