Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Begiining of the End For Barak Who vows to sue Daily Mail for ‘sordid insinuations’ over his ties to Epstein

Former prime minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday said he would sue the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper for defamation after it published pictures of him entering Jeffrey Epstein’s New York residence in January 2016, around the same time several young women tied to the financier also came by.
The Mail heavily insinuated that Barak’s visit to his business partner was not strictly business-related.
The photos published by the paper were not new, and were originally published in 2016 under the title: “The busy life of Jeffrey Epstein: Group of gorgeous Manhattan ‘it’ girls in and out of the billionaire sex offender’s mansion before Clinton pal flies off in private jet with comely brunette.”
Barak was included among the photos, but only as “an unidentified man” who entered the home accompanied by a bodyguard.

Barak’s face was partially covered by a neck warmer as he entered the house, and the Mail claimed Tuesday that he was attempting to hide his features. However, when he emerged the gaiter was on his head and his face was visible, putting those assertions in doubt.
On Wednesday, Barak posted a picture on Facebook with his face covered, noting that “When it’s cold, I tend to cover my face. Not only in New York… Until now, I didn’t think that was a news story…”
The British tabloid noted that the women photographed also entering Epstein’s home did it “on the same day” as Barak and “within hours.” However, the Mail did not provide a clear timeline of the photos, and it was not clear whether they were taken before Barak entered, during his time there, or after he left.
If he was in the house at the same time as the women, it could contradict his earlier assertions that he “never met Epstein in the company of women or young girls.”
Speaking to the Daily Beast, Barak confirmed it was him in the photos.
“It is me in the picture,” he said. “It was so cold the Middle Easterner had to put on a hat. I was there, for lunch or chat, nothing else. So what?”
Following the Mail article’s publication, Barak said he would sue the paper for defamation.

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Anonymous said...

Another piece of Shit.

Regarding pimp / blackmailer Epstein; it looks like he had big connections with the State Dept flying all sorts of diplomats in for sex with little girls which he recorded and documented. He got paid as a pimp and held blackmail on the clients.

He was assisted with Russian money via Deutsche Bank giving blackmail info to Putin who shared some with Trump.

That's why everyone is cowed by Trump.