Sunday, July 14, 2019

Rabbis from Elad ....All Dogs are Bad and their owners Accursed

More than a dozen rabbis from the city of Elad near Tel Aviv issued an edict declaring all dogs bad and warning residents that keeping them will make them accursed.

The edict, dated to June 14, contains the signatures of all the Sephardic rabbis in Elad and the city’s chief rabbi, Mordechai Malka, the news site Bhol reported Friday. Most of Elad's approximately 46,000 residents are Charedi.

“We have heard and have seen that lately, a serious phenomenon has spread in our city Elad, in which young boys and children walk around publicly with dogs. This is strictly forbidden, as explained in the Talmud and by the Rambam, anyone raising a dog is accursed and especially in our city where many women and children are afraid of dogs,” the anti-canine edict states.

The rabbi of neighboring Holon, Avraham Yosef, is quoted as writing: “I do not find any grounds for permitting any dog whatsoever in any manner.”

The term “bad dog” means “any dog, for it barks on whomever it does not know and because of its bark it is a bad dog even if does not bite,” the edit states. 

People who keep dogs for medical needs should appear before the local rabbinical court so it may rule on their matter, the edict says.

The authors’ interpretation of references to dogs in Judaism is strict compared to other readings by Israeli Orthodox chief rabbis.

Rabbi Uziel Elyahu, the chief Orthodox rabbi of the northern municipality of Misgav, in 2002 ruled that keeping guard dogs is allowed, as well as guide dogs and ones kept “to develop a person’s emotions.”

Elad was established in 1998. More than half of its population are below 18.


Anonymous said...

i thought that you may not raise a celev ra (evil dog) every farm since time immemorial had dogs

Anonymous said...

All dogs are good dogs. What is wrong with you guys?

Fred said...

Another example idiot Rabbi's with too much free time on their hands, with books of issurim in search of harmless maasim.

Anyone who is a dog owner know the unconditional love, affection and loyalty that their pet will always give to them. Sadly my dog has more middos tovos than many frum yidden who act like behamos.

Anonymous said...

Must be fun being a kid in the hardcore frumster community.
Bicycles? forbidden
Pets? forbidden
An education? forbidden
Normal social skills? forbidden
Work ethic? forbidden