Wednesday, July 3, 2019

DIN Caught Up In Traffic During Ethiopian Riots

The Holiest of the Holy, the deepest of the deep got caught up in the "Svartzah" Riots in Israel!

Yes... you heard it first, I was sitting in the car for 4 & 1/2 hours in with my wife on the way back from Ashdod to Bet Shemesh!

The Ethiopians learned very well from the Auerbach Parasites, but the Ethiopians were able to perfect this to a science ...
they started fires and when the fire trucks arrived they threw bricks and glass bottles at the firemen just like they do in Meah Shearim!

But they became the experts and the Auerbach barbarians still have a lot to learn...
The Ethiopians managed to shut down within a few minutes the entire Israel, and according to some reports.. 60,000 people were effected by the riots ......

I went out of my car to see what was holding it up and noticed a few hundred police officers standing around 5 little skinny girls sitting on Kvish ... not letting any cars go in four directions...
the police stood around and did absolutely nothing!

Since I couldn't go anywhere, I shut my car off and chapped a shmuz with the other drivers ...
One particular driver a Yeshivishe guy, was cursing the "Zionist Police" because they were standing around waiting for orders and wouldn't do anything ...
He was going on and on telling us that his "wife and children are starving" and "thirsty and tired" and he "is so frustrated .."
I asked him to calm down ... and told him we are not going anywhere for a very long cop had told me "עד הבוקר "  that the riots are expected to go on "till Morning" so it's better not to make a scene and calm his family down...
I told him that I have some snacks and water and asked him where his car was so that I can personally do the mitzvah ...
Guys ... sit down for this...
When I approached his car ....his wife was screaming her head off telling us that her husband should be "the last one to be upset since he is one of the "Auerbach Faction" protest leaders ..."
I'm telling you ..... only in Israel!

Thousands of Israelis protested Tuesday against alleged police brutality toward Ethiopian Israelis across the country after police shot dead an Ethiopian Israeli teen.
Demonstrators blocked highways around the country, including a major thoroughfare through central Tel Aviv and the main highway into Jerusalem, snarling traffic late into the night. Protesters burned tires and held signs calling for justice. In Tel Aviv, a protester set a car on fire and demonstrators clashed with police.
Police said officers arrested 60 people believed involved in disturbances and at least 47 officers were wounded in clashes with protesters.
The protesters, led by activists from the country’s Ethiopian minority, demonstrated against perceived systematic discrimination by police toward the community after an off-duty officer shot and killed Solomon Teka, an 18-year-old Ethiopian Israeli, in a Haifa suburb on Sunday.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement expressing sympathy for the Ethiopian community and acknowledging that “there are problems that need to be solved,” but warning demonstrators that the authorities “will not tolerate the blocking of roads.”
Thousands attended Teka’s funeral Tuesday. Police said the officer was arrested and was placed in protective custody by court order.
Ethiopian Israeli lawmakers and protesters, and Teka’s family have demanded that the involved officer be held accountable.
“I hope that he will be the last victim,” David Teka, Solomon’s father, said at the funeral. “We demand that the murderer receive what he deserves and justice is done.”
Ethiopian Jews began arriving in large numbers in the 1970s and many were airlifted to Israel in clandestine operations in the 1980s and ‘90s during periods of unrest. Today, the Ethiopian community is estimated at approximately 150,000, or around 2 percent of the country’s population, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.
While some of its members have made strides in certain fields, many Ethiopian Israelis complain of racism, lack of opportunity, endemic poverty and routine police harassment.
That frustration turned to public outcry and mass protests in 2015 after a police officer was filmed beating a uniformed Ethiopian Israeli soldier, and there have been sporadic demonstrations since.
Protesters say that in multiple instances of perceived police brutality, officers were not properly held accountable.
“What you see here is the frustration of an entire community that for 40 years is suffering discrimination,” a protester who identified himself only as Hanan told Kan, Israel’s public television.


Motzoei Shabbos Night Live said...

"I'm telling you ..... only in Israel!"

DIN might be camera shy but lechol hapochos the NY Post should start a new column authored by DIN called Page 7

By the way, "der Rebbe" R' Bob Grant always used to cite some members of Knesset who said not to let these Shvartzers in because they would have riots one day in the style of 1968 when the savages went bonkers all over America.

Even Eckstein who usually doesn't have a sense of humor put "Baltimore" in his YWN headline & has all the Liberal readers hopping mad at him.

I have nothing against real gerim but not only are these Falashas sofek Yidden who largely refused the required giyur but there are several other problems with them. R' Moishe poskened we should spend money to save the lives of sofek Yidden but he never said to dump a HORDE of these Shvartzers in Eretz Yisroel.

Anonymous said...

nothing racist at all in the above comments.
'Savages' 'Schvartzers'???????......and then you bleat when Jews get the same treatment.
What is it with you lot? The frummer you are, the more racist???
Way to go, you schtick drek!!!!

Miss Manners said...

Schvartz is merely the Yiddish word for black.

The fact that politically correct dray kops have declared it "racist" is akin to making the words green & purple verboten as well because someone feels like it.

Anonymous said...

They got the idea from Black Lives Matter