Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Real Story Why FAT NADLER hates Trump! Jealousy!!

Rep. Jerry Nadler will be President Trump’s chief tormenter at a Robert Mueller hearing in Congress today. Remarkably, it is a continuation of a Trump-Nadler feud that goes back four decades.

An early dispute even figured into the October 1980 meeting between New York’s Democratic Mayor Ed Koch and Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan. 

 A top aide to Koch at the time writes to say he was there and that the mayor “made a strong case for $100 million for the Westway project, which would have buried the unsightly West Side Highway underground and provided a new park and development. 
Reagan agreed to the proposal after he became president.”
But Westway was never built, thanks in large part to Nadler, then an assemblyman.
 “Nadler killed the appropriation, mostly because he thought it was part of Trump’s plan to develop housing along the Hudson River, which he opposed,” the Koch aide says. 
“Trump eventually built his buildings anyway, made a lot of money, and New Yorkers lost a park.”

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