Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Satmar Civil war in Bnei Brak Continues: Satmar Guys Throw Garbage On Their Own Rosh Yeshivah While He Was Dancing With A Torah ! Satmar Cancels Yurzeit of Rabbi Yoel..

As we told you on many different occasions there is now a full blown civil war in Bnei Brak within the Satmar Ahroinie faction!

The Rosh Yeshivah of Satmar in Bnei Brak is R' Chaim Tzvi Meisels, R' Aron Teitelbaum's sister's son.... a nephew!

He was celebrating a Hachnoses Sefer Torah, in Satmar Bais Medrish in Bnei Brak, and was dancing with the brand new Sefer Torah!
But that didn't stop one of the Satmars who hates his guts to dump a garbage bin in his path barely missing him !

There are other videos where you can see  a bunch of his opposition chassidim surround R' Meisels dancing very tightly around him ... so that he could barely move, then all hell breaks loose and they begin to push and shove each other ...
See bottom right ....

 See Poster Below cancelling Satmar Yurzeit 
because of the internal fights


Frum but normal said...

Well what else would you expect from Romanian barbarian gypsies,this is how they behaved back in the old country in Satmar,this is how they behave in America their whole judiasm is based on nothing but hate,hate for any other Jew not Satmar,vicious pathological hate for our one and only God given Eretz Yisroel,and hate for each other.
Let us wish them HATLACHA RABBAH in their fights with each other and hopefully they will be successful in destroying each other

Moshe wertheimer said...

100% percent right, it's about time they should destroy each other. And good luck for all their faction.

Zalman B said...

If you think the Satmarer in B.B. are bad, you should come to Melbourne!
The Chareidi Kehilla called Adass was established 70 years ago by Chareidi jews both Ashkenezish as well as Belzer, Satmarer, Viznitzer etc. who escaped from Nazi Europe. Our 4th Rav was nifter last year. The Satmarer have been trying to run our Kehilla but due to their poor middos and terror the vast majority do not want a bar of them.

Our first Rav was a Belzer, our second was Ashkenezish/Belz. The third was a Satmarer. The last one was a Viznitzer.

The board choose a Rav Weis from Boro Park who is a Satmarer, but surprisingly the Satmar thugs sabotaged his appointment as they swore they will not allow any Rav to fill the position until they first take over the Kehilla. The Kehilla then choose a Rav Kohn from Yerushalayim who is close to Belz. He won 98% of the vote.

Since Rav Kohn's arrival these thugs have been working non-stop to try to break and sabotage a beautiful Kehilla who have had achdus until now, and try to get Rav Kohn to leave. Unfortunately, they feel that they are above the Torah and have no problem in trying to break Yiddishkeit. They claim their Rebbe, Reb Aron in Monroe gave them a Brocho to fight and terrorize! It is so sad to see people dressed as Chassidim behaving like the hooligans you see late at night in town.

Hashem Yerachem!

Daniel Katz said...

I hear from Melburne that the Satmar Chevra boycotted the Satmar yortzayt sidah. Apparently there leader is not a Satmarer but a Minkatcher BT.