Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Meir "the liar" Kin Causes Huge Chillul Hashem And Says "He Never Agreed To Give the Get!!!"

Meir "Bugeye" Kin who agreed to give his estranged wife a get yesterday now says that he did not commit to give a divorce or to go to Bais Din.
An agreement had been made through the efforts of the Chief Rabbi of Israel yesterday following the petiraof the man’s mother. Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau, having been involved in this case of a husband who refused to give his wife a get for sixteen years despite having himself remarried five years ago, declared that the burial be delayed until the man agreed to give a get. The decision was made in cooperation with the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, also known as Agudas Harabonim.
The Beis Din had applied punitive measures against the husband several years ago to pressure him to divorce his wife, including losing the right to have his family members buried. The man also faces arrest should he step foot into Israel.
Submitting to the pressure, the man allegedly agreed to grant the woman her freedom by promising to go to Bais Din and give the get. In return, the Chief Rabbi agreed to release "Yenta the Rebbitzin"  for burial.
However, once the burial was completed the man rescinded from the agreement, claiming that he never agreed to give the get.
R’ Lau office said in response: 
“We are sorry that the same anchorage owner who, for over 15 years, refuses to release his wife from her marriage, and continues his refusal despite the agreements reached. The same man who did not spare his mother and his family even though he has since married a second wife.
“(We) will continue the unwavering war on the phenomenon of get refusal and do everything we can, including the most severe sanctions, to end agunah situation that arise.”


Magdeburger Joe said...

Dig her up. Ship her bak. Bill him shipping.

Anonymous said...

Let them dig her up and put her in a fridge until he gives the get.
Silly Rabbis actually thought he would give the get over a $28,000 escrow deposit?

Kin Pin said...

You responded to me on another post that Kin is tying a big ransom to the get he deposited by Dayan Gestetner. I can't find any information on that. Do you have a link? Some ransoms are extortion but some are legitimate recouping of losses caused or stolen by a spouse. I don't believe that Dayan G would allow extortion.

Meanwhile the BHOL news site in Israel is reporting that Rabbi Duvid Lau is a relative of Lonna's. If there was ever an AHA! moment!

Dusiznies said...

Kin Pin
Of course you won't find info on that ..... but I have this from Lonna's family ...
otherwise she would just take the Get
After 16 years the rat has to move on ... it doesn't make any difference if he was robbed by his ex etc ...
he got married he should take his losses as he will now ...lose his $28,000.00 which he put in escrow...
you see its not about the money
he is a sadistic no good rat ...
Meir ... Give the Get!

yonatron said...

What does it mean "same anchorage owner"? he's from Alaska?