Saturday, August 31, 2019

Satmar Rebbe R' Zalman Leib, Tells his Chassidim "Not to Ask Questions" About His Decision to Teach Secular Studies in His Institutions

As we wrote previously, Satmar Rebbe caved in to Board of Education demands to implement their guidelines to have secular subjects taught in Satmar moisdois ...

The subjects that will be taught will not be only basic Reading, Writing and Math, but tolerance of people that have sexual perversions ...
such as a boy identifying as a girl or vice versa and then entering a a bathroom of the opposite sex.... 

Satmar had no choice in caving in because they accept Federal and State funds and grants that add up to millions of dollars ....

They have no problem yelling and barking at Israeli schools that take funds from the government, screaming that this "shmads" Jewish children ..... (the Israeli government does not intervene in Chareidie curriculum, even though they fund them with millions of shekels.) 
But when it comes to his own institutions he grabs any government funds he can even if it means that his Moisdois Ha"Torah will now have to introduce subjects which is an anathema to Torah and Satmar mesorah,,,,he does not allow for any debate and quickly shut down any oppositions ....

It's interesting that the Rebbe cannot find it in his heart to give the Israeli Moisdois the benefit of the doubt when they take funds from the government, yet he wants us to give him the benefit of the doubt when he takes money from his government.....

Here is what he said last last Tuesday in his Rodney Street Shul:
I will translate loosely:

1) נישט פרעגן קיין קשיות.
1) No questioning our decision

2) נישט אלעס וואס מ׳טוט קען מען פארציילן פאר די גאס.
2) Not everything we do should be talked about on the streets 

3) מיר זיצן מיט עסקנים און מיר ווייסן פונקטליך וואס מ׳מעג און וואס מ׳טאר נישט.
3) We are sitting with activists that know what is permitted and what is prohibited.

4) ווער ס׳האט נישט קיין נסיון אין דעם - זאל נישט אריינרעדן.
4) One who hasn't been in out shoes so to speak, should not get involved

5) מ׳טאר נישט זיין פרומער אפילו מ׳מיינט אז מ׳פארשטייט בעסער.
5) One shouldn't be frummer even though you think you know better

6) דער רבי זי״ע איז געווען זייער שארף אויף די וועלכע האבן זיך געלאזט הערן.
6) The Rebbe (meaning R' Yoel) was very "sharp" in his response to those who voiced their opposition to his policies

ליידער איז דא א טשטוש המוחות, ס'קומען אנדערע זיי שרייען מ'איז מוחה, הע מ'שמד'ט אויס כלל ישראל, מ'מאכט פשרותף מ'פארקויפט די תשב"ר.
Unfortunately, their brains are scrambled, screaming that they must "protest" and that "we are making compromises" and that we are "selling our innocent children "

ס'איז זייער גרינג צו שרייען, 'איז זייער גרינג מוחה צו זיין, אבער מ'ארף וויסן וואו מ'רעדט.
it is very easy for them to scream, and it is very east to protest but you still have to have knowledge on what is really going on .

מ'קען נישט אלעס דערציילן ברבים, די גדולי תורה וואס טוען אלעס אדורך זענען נאך אזאנע יראי ה' ווי די מוחים! מ'האט נישט קיין אחריות, מ'פירט נישט קיין מוסדות, מ'האט נישט קיין עול פון אפאר טויזנט קינדער אויף דפלייצעס זיי זאלן גיין אויפן ריכטיגן דרך"

We cannot tell the public all what  is happening...the Gedoilei Yisrael that are working (with the BOE) are just as pious as the protesters!
The protesters have no responsibilities, they don't have to run our institutions, they don't have the responsibility of thousands of children on their shoulders to make sure they go on the straight and narrow path!


Frum but normal said...

DIN,why do you insist calling this filthy Israel and Jew hating murderous swine "rebbe", this piece of human garbage is a rebbe like the pope is one,call him by his real name a "Jewish Kapo"

Anonymous said...

אהרון אויכט?

Anonymous said...

I think this is a bit much... and no excuse. I don't believe it. it is all for show, just like the yehsivas allegedly serve breakfast -- certainly on the day inspectors arrive. They will print a curriculum and then trash it. No kid will see it, unless someone like R'Reichman's alleged ilk who want to prime and then take advantage of kids.

tolerance of people that have sexual perversions ... such as a boy identifying as a girl or vice versa and then entering a a bathroom of the opposite sex....

Right, and next they'll be taking down the mechitza in shul. A woman asks a Satmar guy for directions in the street and he replies he can call her later that night if she wants (despite his being married). They have no idea how to relate to the opposite sex and what social cues are acceptable norms in dating.