Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Nati Grossman Right Hand Man For the Fanatic R' Shmuel Auerbach z"l ... Arrested for Extortion

As we all know that's its not about Torah or "kanaois" or "frumkeit" ..... it's all about the shekel!!
The "Auerbach Crazies" the ones who refuse to register for the draft, even-though they get a "patur" from the IDf, the ones who illegally stop traffic and cause untold financial stress and damage to the rest of klall Yisroel, have a newspaper called "HaPeles" published primarily to spew  hatred against Israel and gedoilim like Rav Kanievski and R' Shteinman z"l when he was alive ... 
But a newspaper cannot survive with out ads.....
No problem! 
"let's ruin peoples' lives by forcing companies to advertise in our Hebrew version of "Der Shturmer" but called "HaPeles" .... let's threaten them with financial ruin .... 
let's organize boycotts against their products and announce that they don't have  proper hashgachas . etc etc.!"

Well ... the gig is up! 

The Tel Aviv Prosecutor’s Office has filed a criminal indictment in the city’s District Court against Natan Grossman, an owner of the Peleg-Yerushalmi affiliated HaPeles newspaper, as well as against Shmuel Elyashiv, Avraham Trager, Chaim Yavrov, Netanel Shtepfer, Shabtai Fein, Yisrael Tropper, and Moshe Brillman.
The indictment contains 27 counts of felony conspiracies to commit a crime, extortion, threats of extortion, and harassment by means of phones (multiple offenses), with the charges against each defendant detailed in the indictment.
The indictment says that Grossman, Trager and Elyashiv conspired to blackmail executives in large companies, including Strauss, Egged and Sano, with the intention of causing companies to advertise in HaPeles to generate revenue, and not the competing Yated Neeman. 
To that end, Trager contacted Lavrov, Shtepfer, Fein, Tropper and Brillman with the aim of threatening complainants and harassing them via various media in a way that would disrupt and ruin their routine at work and home, and these harassments would only cease if the latter published ads in the HaPeles newspaper and to stop advertising in Yated Neeman.


Anonymous said...

Parnooseh. Parnooseh. Parnooseh.

Now its gonna be:

Pidyin Shveeyim. Pidyin Shveeyim .Pidyin Shveeyim.

The local gedolim have not decided yet about closing the city down.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think you're better than "the Little Belzer Shmoiger" "Naftuuuulie Monster" with your crude, boorish, bummy talk on Gedolei Yisroel, Gedolei Hador? "Naftuuuulie Monster" at least doesn't talk like a lowlife. What Yeshiva did you attend? You sound like you're just straight out of the dumps.

Stupid and getting stupider said...

The Gedolei Hador and the Gedolei Yisroel approved and supported this extortion and harassment ???
Really ?????
Nothing was said to direspect anyone. Just getting prepared for whats coming.
Sure hope that this is not Daas Torah. Anyones Daas Torah. Litvish, chasidish, Neteereh Karteh, Kaanoim, Modern, Zionist.......