Monday, August 26, 2019

47the Street Diamond Company Robbed by 3 Thugs in Daylight!

Armed robbers pulled off a massive jewelry heist in broad daylight in Manhattan after holding employees at gunpoint, binding them with zip ties and duct tape, then  making off with expensive items. 
The 3 Black Yeshivishe Robbers 

Three suspects robbed Avianne and Co. jewelry store in New York City's Diamond District on Sunday afternoon. 
The official value of the items stolen has not be confirmed, but NBC New York reports that a victim says it is estimated around $4 million. 
Authorities received reports of the robbery at the 28 West 47th Street location at 12.02pm. 
According to the New York Post, the suspects entered the store pretending to be customers before two of the men drew hand guns on four employees. 
In photos shared by The New York Post, surveillance footage captures the images of the alleged suspects.  
No injuries were reported.  
According to their website, Avianne and Co. is a 'world renowned as the largest single jewelry store in New York’s famed Diamond District.'
The store boosts celebrity clientele, including popular rappers like Migos, Blueface and having pieces featured in GQ. 
Authorities are asking anyone with information on the three men to help identify the suspects 


Anonymous said...

Stop buying diamonds and jewlery and this problem will be solved forever.
Too many kids and adults die drowned, beaten, and/or poisoned in Africa, Madagascar and South America while extracting stones, gold and other "precious" metals.
For a frum Yid, there is no heter whatsoever to participate, even distantly, to this mass murder.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that business pays its share in taxes.

Anonymous said...

They are clearly visible and law enforcement should catch these monkeys very soon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
"...Stop buying diamonds and jewlery and this problem will be solved forever.
You are an idiot. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" August 27, 2019 at 5:43 PM

I understand that you grew up in the diamond ideology and that diamonds & jewlery is a way to (temporarily) please a fiancée or a wife. But this is no excuse, let alone a heter.

So step out of your house, go get some info about mine extraction, watch the movie "Blood Diamond", and then come back and tell me if I'm an idiot.
And while doing this, keep in mind that "politically correct" people in your Western world tend to be very offended when they only hear about T-Shirts or sneakers that are produced in facilities that just HIRES children.

Diamonds and jewlery are overpriced not because they are rare (they are not), but only to maintain this high-priced "exclusive" market going on and on, as long as people like you in the US and other ones in Dubai and Saudi Arabia are willing to throw in unconsiderate cash to buy them.
Nevertheless, diamonds are obtained from pure retsach (murder). And if you can live with this, then I don't see the point of puting on Tefilin and keeping Shabos.

Don'y be shy to reply, ok ?

Anonymous said...

The world organizations looked into your claims in the 90's.
Most of the world supply is and was not blood diamonds.
Most of the world supply comes from south Africa, Russia, and canada.
Get your facts straight.
All of the reputable mining companies whether they are de beers or alrosa never supplied blood diamonds
Beside this there is a process in place by world organizations called the Kimberly process which ensures that diamonds are not from supplies which you state.
Every rough diamond sold in america must have a Kimberly process certificate with it.
So your retzicha with american sold diamonds and jewelry is fictitious at best.
My friend get your facts straight before you talk.

Anonymous said...

You watched a movie and that is your basis??
You are an idiot.
As per your rare pricing comment.
There is no monopoly today in the diamond industry.
There are many diamond mining producers in the world no one is manipulating pricing or holding back supply.
Go buy a mine. Invest in equipment, figure out how many tonnes of carbonate rock you need to extract to find the smallest ones.
Then talk pricing.
How many mining companies went out of business as a result of not being profitable at all.
The market dictates diamond pricing not any world conglomerate.

Meir said...

To: August 29, 2019 at 8:19 AM

You gotta be really narrow-minded to believe that this Kimberley Process could turn these overpriced bloody stones into "kosher" items :

Anonymous said...

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