Sunday, August 25, 2019

Ezra Friedlander Continues Stabbing Jews In the Heart ... Brings "Fat" Nadler to Muncatcher Rebbe

Ezra sitting 2nd from the left

Ezra "capo" Friedlander sits around all day trying to figure out how to destroy Jews! 

This "Liskar" menuvel, brought the Iran loving Nadler to the Muncatcher Rebbe ....

Nadler is the Democratic Congressman that stabbed his Holocaust Survivor constituents in the heart by supporting a deal that the Muslim loving President Hussain Obama pushed.....
He’s a vile unscrupulous hypocrite and shameless liar, championing the immoral pathological agenda of the Democratic loonies A painful embarrassment to the Jewish people.
This deal now thrown in the garbage by President Trump, made it easier for the Iranian murderers that vowed to wipe our brothers and sisters off the map, to obtain nuclear weapons. 

Ezra Friedlander at the time, advocated and explained in an Op-Ed this idiotic suicidal position of Nadler!

What makes Ezra a better Jew  then the Neturei Karta gangsters ...why is he still in a shul, given aliyas  and respect by the Boro-Park frum community?

Brings this Fat Chazir whose mission now is to destroy the President, the friendliest President in US history,  to the home of a well respected Rebbe!

There is no doubt in my mind that Ezra is Me'Zerah Ameilik

Watch this pandering disgusting video and barf !
Watch how the Rebbe panders to a self-hating Jew who favors abortion, gay marriage, and other ideas blatantly anti-Torah.
I find it appalling that the rebbe is  trading his morals for food stamps and other programs!


Anonymous said...

DIN please dont post this garbage. Whenever I see nadlars face I get into a bad mood for the rest of the day

Anonymous said...

Calling someone you disagree with "zera amalek"? Where did you learn that?Wow.No words

fyi said...

(Pinchas) Ezra Friedlander has been on Jerry Nadler's payroll for a long time. For like fifteen years, Nadler has been paying him 1k/month for "Community Consulting", as has been reported here previously (see more details at So here Friedlander is continuing to promote Nadler. As on other occasions, he also takes the opportunity to promote himself and his business at the same.

"What makes Ezra a better Jew then the Neturei Karta gangsters ...why is he still in a shul, given aliyas and respect by the Boro-Park frum community?"

He goes to his father's little shtiebel, which doesn't have too many people (although he tries to fool people into thinking that his father is a big Rebbe, with a crowd of Chasidim by sharing videos and photos that make it look like the place is not as empty as it really is).

"a well respected Rebbe:

Well respected by who?

"Watch how the Rebbe panders to a self-hating Jew who favors abortion, gay marriage, and other ideas blatantly anti-Torah."

This so called Rebbe is very interested in getting Hasidic crooks out of jail. A lot of the discussion is about that.

concerned said...

It ruins the day for all of us...but unfortunately if DIN wouldn't report on this human waste...NOBODY WILL!!

Anonymous said...

Trading his morals? As if he ever had any.

Anonymous said...

Ezra is Me'Zerah Ameilik -- lol.. But he has been reputed to introduce woman of an obvious different race as the secret baby mama of his children!!! Ezra claims his father is just as big a rebbe as R' Shloima Bobover, and that the only difference is mazel and PR so he's working on the PR now.

Joe Magdeburger said...

The willingness to trade the safety of our fellow Jews in Israel for money is beneath contempt. Kapo is too kind a term for these craven collaborators

Joe Magdeburger said...

It is disgraceful that these individuals are willing to endanger the lives of millions of Jews in Israel, as well as to sell out every bit of Torah values in the process. We have a chance to stand in solidarity with fellow Jews and to stand on sacred principles. What is the sellout for?

Disgraceful Roots of Ezra Friedlander, Friedlander Group said...

Where does the scammer Ezra Friedlander come from? Who does he claim as his mentor? A fellow Hasidic scammer.

"My friend and mentor Harav Yankel Bronner"

More on Friedlander's mentor -

More on Ezra Friedlander, Friedlander Group, mentor said...

Anonymous said...

To August 27, 2019 at 5:30 AM
I heard he is married to a giyores because he didnt like the frummies.

You saying he is not married but has kids with mother unknown?