Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Why Did the "Little Belzer Shmoiger" Hang A Billboard in TImes Square of All Places!!!

You have to wonder why Naftuuuulie Monster chose dafka Times Square to hang his "Education" Billboard???

How many Erlicha Yidden hang out in Times Square?

How many serious frum Jews who work in the area would glance at a Times Square Billboard, especially when there are "prizidikah" billboards there?

The tourists and goyim walking by couldn't care any less if chassidim get an education ........ The regular Joe Shmo NewYorker, don't read the billboards, they are busy running to the train.

So why would the "Belzer Shmoiger" advertise in Times Square ... where advertising costs run approximately  $25,000 a month??

The answer is that he is targeting the bottom of the barrel OTD Chassidim that hang out in Times Square ......... for obvious reasons!

He is trying to garnish and get the naive, frustrated, ignorant "oopgefuriner" former chassidim to join his campaign to destroy any vestige of yiddishkeit they may still possess, and extinguish the little Yiddishe flame that may still be floating in their hearts! This has nothing to do with his pious false claim about the lack of  secular education in the Yeshivois....

He is trying to "Schnoor" and aims to raise $78,000.00
he already has $22,000.00

How many of his former Chassidim who "didn't receive" a secular education, would be helped if the $78,000.00 went to help them get a High school Education? 

I guess he can't get away from his galiyitzaner tricks! 


JJJ said...

You didn't allow my last comment pass through.
Disparaging galitzyaners or anyone based on where they originate from reflects poorly on you.
Besides I don't think Moster is a galitzyaner even though Belz is in Galicia.
Moster is a shmoiger?
see the following pashkevil
1 - adding and hour of limudei chol
2 - starting limudei chol in grade 2 and including grade 9
3 - slowly adding subjects like science , history and social studies

Anonymous said...

JJJ you're right. He's not a Galiyitzaner but an Hungarian like this blogger with the same mentality.

fyi said...

There may be some issues with Moster's activities, yes, but that doesn't mean that he is totally wrong. I don't see how you can say that his claim is false in all cases. Even a Galicianer can be correct sometimes. He seems more correct than people like the fraudster Friedlander.