Thursday, December 25, 2014

Molotov cocktail sets family’s car on fire in Shomron , severely burning 11 year old Ayela Shapira

A young Israeli girl was seriously injured in Shomron when her car was hit with a Molotov cocktail on a road near Palestinian villages.
The 11-year-girl sustained major burns and her father, 40, was slightly wounded when the car was engulfed in flames Thursday evening.
Israel Defense Forces were searching in the nearby Palestinian villages to find the attacker.

Ayela Shapira suffered burns that covered half of her body, according toChannel 2 in Israel.

On Sunday, a four-year old Israeli boy was injured by Palestinians hurling stones at cars in Shomron. Earlier this month a Palestinian man splashed acid on a family with four girls, also in Shomron.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again, one more tragedy thanks to Zionism! And you bunch of fools still keep repeating Israel is the safest place for Jews, in the meantime unfortunately it's THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE IN THE WORLD NOT ONLY FOR JEWS,ACTUALLY IT'S CAUSING DESTRUCTION ALL OVER THE WORLD,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for that criminally insane Jew hating bastard
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So this is the STATE of izrael.. Atchalta degeula.... Jews being killed maimed and injured, in THE ONLY SAFE PLACE for Jews???????? not only is izrael a very very unsafe dangerous makom, but because of the cheap nationalistic Zionist aspirations, the whole civilized world became a hotbed of SINAS YISROEL, unfortunately we aren't safe anywhere anymore, I haven't heard if the GEON VEKADOSH RAV ARON has commented on this latest of the practically daily tragedies, but for sure there's no question about it, that the blame, and the cause of all these tragedies lies on the shoulders of the Israeli government first, and last but not least on the parents, VEHU RACHUM YECHEPER AVAN VELO YASHCHUS.

Anonymous said...

Mistakenly posted on the other thread, meant for here:

It's atchalteh degulah, but also chevlei Moshiach ( obviously, you've never heard of it )... It doesn't have to be because.. "Hayom, im Bekolo Tishmaoo." Make Aliyah in droves and the circumstances will surely change.. Moshiach'll come quicker..

The closer you get to the final geulah, the more anti-Semitism will heat up... Just ask Gog , melech Hamagog....
Sineh was always there... You ignore all Jewish history...

So what I'm writing is common sense, logical, every yeshiva,Talmud Torah or Day School boy and girl understands that, our religious Zionist rabbonim, tzaddikim and yerei Shomayim understand that and preach it... except for you & Bande..

Tough ... Israel is not only NOT going away.. It's here to say, mechayil el chayil..
What you doddled, scribbled and katch'ked is false meraglim propaganda... Go into detox or see a specialist who deals with beculted minds...

Cheers, have an easy fast... and may you get seichel ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

Your comments would be embarrassing for a 5 year old child, we would expect.more than your unreasonable logic from him, YOU can't decide that Hashem wants the state of Israel with all its faults, by Bayis Sheni for whatever reason that was hashems will, witness the fact that there were Specific Nevuos to that effect, whereas now, we have to go with what the Torah teaches us, and that is, Velo Yireh Becha Ervas Davar Veshav Meachrecha, There is no question what hashem wants from us, Kedusha, Tahara, not licentious adulterous scum.