Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sfardi Parties in Israel now fight just like Satmar Chassidim

I guess Satmar no longer has the license for violence and hooliganism against people that don't agree with you.

Horrible scenes were broadcast across Israel tonight, as supporters of Aryeh Deri stormed the Ramada Hotel where Eli Yishai was announcing his departure from Shas. 

Riot police were called to secure the building and had to forcefully remove the protesters from the premises.

Protesters grabbed a large framed photo of Maran Hagon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZATZAL, which was set up to be as a backdrop behind Yishai. 

Reporters told the man he was stealing, to which he replied on TV “from Eli Yishai one is allowed to steal”. The Yishai campaign slogan signs were also torn off the wall.

Shouting matches broke out between the two sides, until police arrived to remove the Deri supporters from the building.
There were no arrests made.

Deri released a statement shortly after the incident saying “I am against such behavior which has no connection to Shas and its ways. I call on everyone to continue in the ways of Maran and act B’darchei Noam”.

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