Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Agudah Chastises Jordan for anti-Semitic remarks

I must give credit where credit is do.... I have been screaming about this for years, that the Agudah is sitting at the sidelines in matters of Israel's security. Now, finally, the bear woke up from her slumber!

In response to recent manifestations of explicit anti-Semitism in the Jordanian parliament, Rabbi David Zwiebel, Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel of America, sent a letter today to the Jordanian Ambassador in Washington D.C.

In his letter Rabbi Zwiebel expresses surprise and disappointment that in “the immediate aftermath of the recent barbaric slaughter of Jewish men engrossed in prayer in Jerusalem, by two men who shouted a declaration of Islamic faith, there was no public reaction from the royal palace”. Rabbi Zwiebel also points to the fact that following the synagogue massacre, the Jordanian Parliament observed a moment of silence, in memory “not for the victims but for their murderers”.

“Has King Abdullah II or some other Jordanian authority addressed the above naked statements of extremism and anti-Semitism, emanating as they do, from members of the Jordanian government?” Rabbi Zwiebel asks. “If, not, why?”

“I respectfully request an expeditious response” the letter concludes.


Anonymous said...

How about protesting the vile antiisemitic hate and garbage spewed every week from the two Satmar Nazi rags Der YId and Der Blatt

Anonymous said...

How about protesting the high numbers of sexual abuse specifically in the jewish community. I know its not only by jews but by eherliche yidden we would not expect this almost on a daily basis, both in the us and israel. The agudas deaf ears and mute mouths are super ear piercing to say the least

I Love Lakewood! said...

Nice letter but "Es vet helfen vee a toiten bankes."