Friday, April 4, 2014

Rabbonim in London Prohibit the "Kumzitz" and ban Avram Fried the Chabad Singer

Yup! The Chareidie world is getting crazier and crazier! Now, they are banning the popular "Kumzitz"! Insane!

Reb Yosef Binyomin Wosner, from the Satmar Bais Din wrote a handwritten letter to the London Chareidie Community banning Avram Fried and the Kumzitz calling it a gathering of "Tuma" (profane)!

Not to be outdone, Rav Ztvi Schneck, Dayan of Satmar wrote his handwritten notice, warning parents that they should prohibit the Kumzitz! This lunatic  compares the Kumzitz to worshipping Idols!

These guys haven't worked a day in their entire lives, and are afraid that if the Bochrim attend the Kumzitz, they, the Rabbonim will have to eat their own "Sherayim"... 


Anonymous said...

Tante Jenny and his Kapelye here.

Tra-la-la. Oh, tra-la-la.

Come to hear us at a venue to be announced after Pesach. We don't kumzitz.

We offer no chairs, only seltzer and wafers. You stand, we zitz, with be-necklaced red Pesach'dige strings ( from roast) to ward off the "kenayneh horah." .

Word of caution:

Don't come hungry. There is a dairy and fleishig restaurant down the block for you to fill up before the event.

Yes, fill up. Chow down and schling down on your favorite menu. Tooth-click and tongue-cluck on a chumra-kezayis sized chunk of vittel.

You come, we zitz. No kupzitz.

Seltzer and wafers for the 'Tzee-tzibahssen " nibblers crowd only .

If you're an " I don't take prisoners" type of eater,an eyn simcha elo b'bossor'nick , please stay home. Or fill up at aforementioned restaurants.

We don't do kupzitzes.

In fact, our lyrics aren't high-brow either.We sing from siddur and zmiros words only. We aren't the big talmidei chachomi who know words from Zohar, Yotzer,Toseftos,Slichos or aggaditos. We're Jewish day school graduates ,not religious - musical philosophers.

We apply behavioral psychology to our music.

For example, we're not so much concerned about "Daagu Minayin???"
Our goal is to provide a couple of hours of entertainment so that you momentarily forget your Daagus altogether.
Our kapelye lacks hypocracy. We won't intro you to a Lady Ga-Ga or Be-Bop goyishe music tempo all the while claiming we don't play non-Jewish music the rest of the evening. Actually we DO play international tunes. If you want to dice them into categories, that's you're problem.

Us you can allow. What's wrong with us? Nothing.
We don't kupzitz at all.

So one more time !!...... Let's Tra-la-la, boyzzz, tra-la-la.


Anonymous said...

Tante, you're the best.

To paraphrase a president (Kennedy?) speaking about a group of advisors in the Oval Office.
There wasn't this much wisdom here since Thomas Jefferson dined alone.

the Derby -en route

Anonymous said...

England is a Weird place.
Its OK for some well connected "Rabbi" to commit adultery, yet some innocent Kumzitz is forbidden.
Aye. Another day in England.