Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Message to our Boys???

Yitzchok Frankfurter, editor of Ami, wrote an editorial in this week's issue, addressing Yeshivah Boys returning to the State of Israel. 

The editorial had the following headline:
"A Message to Our Boys"

Mr. Frankfurter, this message is not for our "Boys,"  

Frankfurter writes:
"As you know, Torah is under unprecedented attack in the Holy Land"

Excuse me.....
What attack on Torah is there in the "Holy Land?"

There are more Yeshivah boys learning Torah in the "Holy Land" since מתן תורה!

And didn't the IDF just issue 30,000 exemptions?

"Unprecedented ?"
This is what happens when you have stupid ignorant people 
running magazines!

Tell us Mr. Hamburger, did you learn in Cheder what Syrian-Greeks did to Torah during the first בית המקדש period?

 How about the gezieros against Torah by the  Romans during the Second בית המקדש?

Were you absent when your Rebbe explained why we celebrate חנוכה? 
Did you miss class when your Rebbi taught that the Jewish King ינאי המלך murdered all תנאים save one, his brother-in-law, שמעון בן שטח?
What are you blabbering about ?
"unprecedented attack on Torah?"

Then the clown writes:
"Moreover, in Hilchos Tesuvah, chapter  10, Halacha 6 , he (the רמב״ם) explains that this exclusive dedication to G-D is also the key to Ahavas Hashem:

"It is well known and clear matter that the love of G-D will not become attached within a person 's heart until he becomes obsessed with it at all times, leaving all things in the world except for this . This is implied by the command " Love G-d, your L-rd, with all your heart and with all your soul"

Frankfurter translates the word שישגה that the Rambam uses,  as "obsessed"
Turns out that the Raavid and the Migdal Oz struggled with this word and didn't understand what the Rambam was talking about.
 But The Hamburger is smarter then them and he  knows that  שישגה means obsessed!

The word  שישגה that the Rambam uses is not in the Loshan Ha'kodesh lexicon, hence the Raavid's issue with this statement of the Rambam. 
The Raavid is guessing that it comes from the word שגיון לדוד, meaning an instrument or song ..
So now we really don't have a clue what the Rambam is talking about!

He continues to quote from the Rambam:
"leaving all things in the world except for this"?
Who ever did that, except for the great Tana R' Shimon and his son Eliezer? And when that happened a Bas Kol said that this will not work.

Frankfurter forgot the words of the holy Tana, Shemaya, who said in a Mishna, 800 years before the Rambam was born:
אהב את המלאכה ושנא את הרבנות

Be that as it may, the Rambam himself did not abide by his own writing, since after his brother died, the Rambam had no other choice but to learn medicine and went to work as a doctor for the local Sultan! 
In addition, the Rambam writes in his preface to his Mishna Torah that it is a good thing, the fact, that we all do not think alike, otherwise we would all wind up doing the same thing, and the world would not be able to operate. 

This is not " A Message to ALL our boys" 
Some may actually have to go to work the Rambam and his entire family actually did,,,,

So, a question to The Hamburger. 
Why don't you give up your lying Magazine, and dedicate yourself to G-d? .... 
Give up lunch, you look pretty well fed to me.
The truth is, that he does not believe a word that he writes, and, therefore, doesn't practice what he preaches.

Menachem Begin once said in reference to  Arafat, when Arafat talked peace ,,,,, "
 I will pay attention to what he actually does then to what he says"
 This idea applies to The Frankfurter, watch what he  does, instead of reading what he writes.

The חכם פין די מה נשתנה continues with his message:

" And in Hilchos Shemitah V'yoveil the Rambam again emphasizes the importance of setting aside the ways of the world and dedicating oneself exclusively to G-D and his Torah:
( Yitzy doesn't mention the gemmara, that says, that this notion of dedicating oneself to G-D and his Torah exclusively is not practical, because otherwise the world would collapse, see Tractate שבת, read the story of R' Shimon Ben Yochai with his son Eliezer!)

" why did the tribe of Levi not merit an inheritance in the Land of Israel and a share in the spoils of war together with his brothers? Because he was set aside to worship G-D, to teach His ways and righteous judgements to the public ...... Therefore, they were set apart from the ways of the world. They did not inherit the land...... Rather, they are the army of the L-rd ... "

"The tribe of Levi is not alone. Every single person who lives the world, whose spirit has gratefully welled up and who has determined in his or her mind to be separated and stand before G-D to serve Him, to worship Him and to know Him; who has walked in the straight path G-d has intended for him or her and has shed from his or her neck the yoke of the many accounting a that humans make, this person has become holy like the Holy of Holies, and G-d will be his or her portion and inheritance forever and ever. such a person will have sufficient in this world, as did the priests and Levites, as David, may he rest in peace said ' The L-rd is my portion of inheritance and my cup; You sustain my destiny' "

The above is verbatim what the clown said the Rambam wrote.
But a quick peek inside the Rambam, tells another story; you will notice that the Rambam didn't actually write what I highlighted, "in his or her", "him or her"  in the entire piece, 
this was added by The lying Frankfurter to appease his lady audience.

The  above Rambam actually bolsters my point of view. 
Hashem chose a specific tribe, isolated them to, yes, learn, teach and worship G-d the entire day, but as The Frankfurter will admit, this tribe did not get a part in Eretz Yisroel.

The "Boys" that Frankfurter is talking about, love to go to protests, throw stones and burn garbage cans. 
They also enjoy the 4" brim Barcelonas, fancy glasses and pleated pants ...and they enjoy renting cars  בין הזמנים, and yes, they may also learn.

Are these the " Boys"  that the Rambam is describing? 
Are these the "Boys" that are "obsessed" with Torah? 
Are these the "Boys" that are "dedicating themselves exclusively to G-D?
The answer is a resounding No!
These "Boys" unlike שבט לוי require all luxuries when they get married...

We are not talking about the exceptional boys who make their learning תורה אומנותו !
Who are satisfied with less, and would marry a poor girl .... Those boys are a minority of a minority. Ask the Shadchanim!

At the end of this vile piece he quotes out of context, from the Rambam's Moreh Nevuchim:
"If a person's thought is free from distraction in apprehending G-d ... in the right way and if there is joy in what one apprehends, then that individual can never be afflicted with evil of any kind. 
For then he is with G-d, and G-d is with him."

The Rambam wrote his Sefer Moreh Nevuchim to a dear student of his, and Hamburger took the above statement out of context. 

It is an extremely dangerous statement, standing on its own, because it doesn't explain why great צדיקים  that  were "free of distraction in apprehending G-D," were thrown into the ovens. 
It is also obvious that Hamburger never visited a cancer ward that have great righteous people who are "afflicted with evil"

I think that Yitzy Frankfurter is a big עם הארץ, and he shouldn't be quoting Rambams, in context or out of context, since he has no clue to what he is talking about.... 
He is causing a massive Chillul Hashem and by mis-quoting the Rambam, he is planting heresy in the impressionable young minds that read his rubbish!


Anonymous said...

Why is this hypocrate running a magazine, shouldn't he be in bes hamedrash learning? He's like Lipsshit of Yated. They all should stop working and sit learning.

M. Koplen said...

I nominate Abe as Chief Rabbi.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who THIS Frankfurter is, but I know WHAT a frankfurter is.
Many years ago, at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, among the marching bands and floats, there were acts.
One man wheeled a little wagon with the words Hot Dog on it , the kind that looks like a knish or ices wagon. He put a live , little dog into the back door of the wagon and then opened another little door. Out came a HOT DOG, aka frankfurter. He kept doing this as he wheeled along 5th Ave.

Put a little relish and mustard on THIS frankfurter and he's good to go. End of story.
the Derby, en route

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why this is no magazine dedicated to the point of view you so poetically espouse. If your cogent arguments pass the litmus test of logic and intelligence, would it not stand to reason that there would be a plethora of publications all geared towards your point of view.
Sadly, the general public are lemmings. As a rule they will not “rock the boat”. Although there is a modicum of satisfaction arrived at by ranting, it does little to change minds.
I do not profess to know how to accomplish this but keep trying.

Dusiznies said...

To "the derby en route"
I remember that very well
To Anon 3:54
If someone dared publish a magazine with my views the merchant would have to put it into a brown bag like playboy