Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shaimos Trucks dump the Shaimos in Haverstraw! UPDATED FRI 4:01PM

So those nice Yeshivah boys, with the fancy glasses and white shirts and black pleated pants,who take your hard earned $25.00 per bundle, dumped the Shaimos in an abandoned lot near Monsey in the Town of Haverstraw?.

Where did these young boys learn this scam from?
From the Roshei Yeshivas that are constantly berating and putting down the "Balai Battim" who work for an honest living!

I clearly remember my Rebbes in Yeshivah telling us, "Don't think like a Baala Buus"
If you don't learn, you'll become a "Baala Buus" Chas Vesholom!

So what do you do when you need some spending money?
You come up with a scheme that a "Baala Buus" would never even think of. And I'm sure the Shaimos Boys are laughing their heads off, coming up with this harebrained idea to make an easy buck instead of working like the dumb Baalei Batim! 

“This year it [shaimos burial scams] seems to be a bigger problem than ever, and it needs to be dealt with” said Assemblyman Hikind. “Shaimos is holy and dumping it is a horror.”
Police are currently investigating who might be responsible for dumping this pile of shaimos, and have some credible leads. “In the meantime” added Hikind, “if you need to get rid of shaimos, ask the collectors many questions, and if you feel uncomfortable with them simply keep the shaimos at home until you find a reliable and trusted handler.”
One day after the discovery of dozens of black trash bags filled with shaimos at a Haverstraw commercial site near the Hudson River, police have identified the person responsible for illegally dumping the holy materials.
Rabbi Yisroel Kahan, the police liaison to Rockland County, spread word of the incident Within hours, the owner of the truck that had carried the shaimos had been identified and contacted.
The man, who had as many as five trucks operating a shaimos collection business out of Williamsburg, NY, was not arrested; he claimed to have permission from the private property’s owners in Haverstraw to dump the shaimos, however the property owners denied this. according to NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind.
Eventually, the truck owner agreed to recollect the shaimos and properly dispose of it at Beth Genizah Olam, which is run by Rabbi Yosef Schwartz.
“It’s an outrage to see honest people paying to have their shaimos cared for according to Halacha [Jewish Law] only to be exploited by dishonest people trying to make a quick dollar,” said Rabbi Kahan. “This is a serious issue, and we will continue working with Assemblyman Hikind to prevent this from happening again.”

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