Thursday, April 10, 2014

How much money does a Kollel Guy get from Zionist Government?

How about $3,500.00!
Kollel Guy fighting with Police instead of learning

So the State of Israel, the Zionist Chilonim, support thousands upon thousands of Torah Scholars to the tune of $3,500.00 per Kollel guy! 
I am not saying that one can live on that alone, but where is the thank you? Where is the Hakoras Hatoiv? 
Where are the "Gedolim"? Did any Gadol Hador state the above fact to anyone?

How do I know these facts?
 From the following story:

A Yeshiva student in Jerusalem has been ordered by the state to pay back more than 84,000 shekels, or just over $24,000 for not maintaining his status as a full-time student of the Torah.
Tthe Ministry of Education in Israel pays Yeshiva students a yearly salary for return of their study of the Torah since they do not work. An investigation showed the student did not fulfill his full-time status and is ordered to pay back seven years’ worth of state funds.
Ynet News reports ( ) that the student argued that he was a full-time student, but the state had enough of an argument to prove that the student’s studies did not equal the status required to receive the funding that he did.

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