Friday, April 4, 2014

London Rabbis say that the String that Ties the Roast may not be Kosher for Pesach!

I am not making this stuff up!
 I am telling you guys, we have take our Religion back from these lunatics.
Hat tip: Nuchem Rosenberg


Anonymous said...

what do you hope to chieve by posting this? Show me something lemaase thats going to come out of you posting this?

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 9:38
I'll tell you what I am achieving.
I am hoping that the regular erlicher yid will throw out this Rabbonim, and elect new ones, people who are not into the mighty $$$$$, but who really care about Yiddishkeit!
That's what I am trying to achieve!

New square guy said...

To anon 9:38
When people start worshipping a Rebbe instead of worshipping the רבש״ע then we have big problems! That's why this blog is so important ... This blog points out that the Rabbonim are only into "how much money can I get from the bollbus

Anonymous said...

You know something??

I don't believe them anymore. It's the boy who cried wolf. Maybe there is or isn't a problem with this string, but I don't believe it anymore.

These fresh chumrahs coming in cascades are their last gasp and grasp to hold unto power. You're done. The revolution is on!!!!
The genie is out of the bottle, the cat out of the bag.

Let this be our Declaration of Independence, our ode to our soon-to-be Pesach freedom. Freedom from religious tyrants and Torah manipulators whether they're from Lakewood ,chassidic, Sephardic, or chareidi.

There is a new era in the offing.
But there's a caveat, ladies and gentlemen, morei veraboisei.
You MUST speak out like we do here.
You MUST speak out in real time in the real world to real people in your real life, like I do.

Woried that this affect a shidduch for your daughter? son?

Then you don't believe what you learned in Daf Yomi.

Arbayim Yom kodem l'yetziras havlad------ Bas Ploni l'iploni... Do you believe that or is it just a nice little memre'le?

The shidduch is secure, and you certainly have to daven also, no question about that.

Are you going to live a life of serfdom to megalomaniacs or do you wish to be free? Free to be an eved Hashem only.

I present the 2 options here again:

a) Resign your positions and go punch a clock in a factory.

b) We leave you, your mosdos, your money, your tyranny, en masse. We look for new leaders, compassionate, Torah-loving , Jewish-people loving, humble dedicated rabbis.


c) Status quo.----- Ain't happening anymore. Too late for that.

As the ump yelled at the ballgame yesterday :

YE'R OUT... !!!!!!

And STAY OUT...!!!!!!

the Derby- en route

Anonymous said...

String now! String isn't edible, and even if there is a zillionth of edible chametz, it is no way visible to human eye. What in heaven's name did orthodox Jews do to eliminate chametz from their homes hundreds of years ago. They did not have detergents, Hoovers, washing machines, tin foil, hot and cold water on tap, towels, tissues, paper plates etc. Maybe next these holy ones will decide we should only breathe in designated, purified areas, with masks over our faces in case we accidentally breathe a microbe of 'chametz' from unfiltered air into our nostrils. Do they really believe Gd is so petty and obsessed as they are about ingesting unknowingly or accidentally an infinitesimal bit of 'doubtful' chametz? Such massive egos!

Anonymous said...

Have we been April fooled?