Tuesday, December 24, 2013

NY Police disgusted with Satmar Protest in Manhattan Tomorrow!

Reb Aaron Teitelbaum hates only one person more than his own brother, that's the Zionist! 
So in his crazed fanatical hate against his fellow Jews in Israel, he planned a mass protest against his brothers and sisters in Manhattan on one of the worst traffic days; the hell with the police.

One of the greatest complaints against the State of Israel that the Romanian Satmars have, is that they violate the precept of  "hisga’arus be’umos " which basically means that there is a prohibition for Jews not to antagonize the nations. Satmar violates this prohibition all the time especially in Monroe , and now with this useless protest. Last week, his brother Reb Zalman, the "Chuchum fin the ma' nishtana'" at least had the sense to protest indoors.

High-ranking NYPD officials have discreetly voiced their disgust at the Satmar of Kiryas Yoel (Aroni) faction, ahead of their planned protest, against the IDF Draft of Yeshiva students, scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) in Manhattan.
YWN spoke separately with three top NYPD brass, each of whom was unaware that we had spoken with the others. All three stated that they were furious at Satmar’s decision to hold a protest in Manhattan, a day before X-Mas. “This is the busiest two weeks in NYC, and the last thing we needed was a few thousand Satmars in the streets”, one stated.
Another official told YWN “don’t think for a second that next time permits need to be pulled by Satmar, we won’t remember this”.
YWN asked them if they had voiced their opposition to the Satmar leadership. “Oh they know”, one of the three told YWN. “They know what this week is. Where is their sensitivity? That’s all they care about is that the NYPD should be sensitive to their needs, which we respect. But how about being sensitive to our needs as well. This is a two way street.”

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Anonymous said...

you write X-mas, actually it's just the same as writing Christmas.
The "X" is Christ. It is an abbreviation. The "X" represents the Greek letter chi (which looks similar to the Roman letter X), which is the first letter in "Christos" or Christ.