Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty has more integrity than the "Gedolim" of Boro-Park and Williamsburg

What?????? Are you reading the headline correctly? Yes! Unfortunately Yes!!
Harav Phil Robertson Admor MeKatchke

Phil Robertson the Patriarch of the cable show Duck Dynasty that has 11.8 million viewers, said in an interview with GQ magazine that Homosexual conduct is sinful! 
I will not quote what he actually said; he was pretty blunt.

The remarks ignited a firestorm!

"Phil's decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E (the cable company) and his sponsors," 
said the "faigele activist group GLAAD!

But Phil will not be a roasted duck for long; his supporters are quacking back!
A new Facebook page, 
"Boycott A&E until Phil Robertson is put back on Duck Dynasty," earned more than 740,000 likes, thats more people than signed up for Obamacare!

So what does Duck Dynasty have anything to do with our "gedolim?"
Well, our "gedolim" endorsed candidates in their prospective districts that promote a Gay Lifestyle!!! 
While Phil Robertson, the goy, is not afraid to say it like it is, our "gedolim" are only interested in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that these anti-family candidates will bring in!

There are Rabbonim here in the USA that said that Hurricane Sandy came about because of the internet!

There are Rabbonim in Israel that say that the latest crippling snowstorm came about because the Government wants to draft the "leidigiers" (the do-nothings) into the army (chas ve'sholom")!

But I humbly declare to my million loyal viewers that Hurricane Sandy and the Israel Snowstorm came about because our "gedoilm" are a bunch of hypocrites!

On one hand they rant and scream against the internet, and against the draft, on the other hand they endorse anti-family candidates and protect people that molest and rape our children!

Can we have real Gedolim, Rabbonim that speak to G-D so that we and our children have someone to emulate?
I believe that the regular "Joe Shmo" that wakes up early in the morning to run and Chap a Daf Yoimy, works all day,listens to Torah Tapes on his way to work, then comes homes and runs to another shiur, ..... are now our Gedolim!
The "Balla  Batim" are now the Gedolim!
Let's ask them what they think about this conundrum!  

Enough said, Good Shabbos!
Important note: The above article is not exclusive and not copywrited , you can copy it, you can delete it.. you can quote it at the shabbos table to your gullible wife, or you can say nothing!
Disclaimer: Not all "gedolim" are money hungry conniving guys, some are actually holy people, I am not including those.

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