Sunday, December 8, 2013

20 year old frum lady from Midwood, latest "Knockout" victim

knockout victim from previous assault

A 20 year old young woman from Borough Park was the city’s latest knockout assault victim, after being attacked this afternoon in broad daylight as she walked to visit a friend in Flatbush.
The attack took place this afternoon at 2:45 PM on MacDonald Avenue between Bay Parkway and Avenue M, according to newly elected City Council member Chaim Deutsch founder of Flatbush Shomrim.
“She saw an individual walking towards her and felt nervous,” Deutsch told VIN News.  “As he passed by her the victim said that she felt relieved that nothing had happened and that was when he struck her with a blow to the back of the head.”
As the young woman fell to the ground, her attacker fled.  The young woman got up and continued on to her destination, which was on nearby E3rd Street in Flatbush.  The victim contacted Shomrim after Shabbos, who urged her to call 911 and to file a police report.
“I have spoken with the 66th precinct and asked them to beef up patrols and to do everything possible to protect the area,” said Detusch.  “I also reached out to Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels and shared my concerns, asking him to patrol the area, especially on Shabbos and to continue being visible in the area.”
Both Deutsch and Assemblyman Dov Hikind were among those who paid a visit to the victim who was not seriously injured in the attack. Hikind described the young woman as “very slight and very sweet.”
“You just take one look at her and say why on earth would anyone want to bother someone like her?” asked Hikind.  “A 20 year old girl?  A 78 year old woman? A 72 year old woman?  Your heart goes out to this girl when you look at her and it is mind boggling to imagine the cowardice it takes to walk over to a young girl and punch her in the head.”
Deutsch advised all area residents to avoid walking alone, if possible, to walk in well populated areas, and to be aware of their surroundings at all times.
Hikind urged any potential victims to call the authorities immediately if they are attacked, even on Shabbos.
“Halachically, I have been told that you have every right to do so if something like this takes place.  Who knows, maybe if this had been reported immediately we could have gotten this guy.”
Hikind also continued to advocate for the use of video cameras as a valuable security measure.
“We have been talking about putting them up for a long time,” said Hikind.  “At least now maybe it will finally happen.  In cases like this, video cameras can do a lot of good.
by Sandy Eller of VIN

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