Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grand Rabbis of Israel decide NOT to make a Chillul Hashem and cancel protest against the IDF

Who ever came up with this protest idea, obviously did not think it through!
Gerer Rebbi (left) Belzer Rebbi (right)
What did they hope to gain from this "massive" protest? 
The secular media wouldn't understand and wouldn't even care why Frum boys don't want to be drafted! 
They don't understand why Frum boys want the Chilonim to send their children to the army to protect them, and then  shower them with stones.

Also, there were many technical issues that they couldn't resolve, for example:

(1) The Ahronie faction of Satmar already had their protest last Wednesday in Manhattan, so they wouldn't show for a protest that was initiated by Ger and Belz.

(2) The Zalonie faction of Satmar had issues, because they wouldn't want to be under the same roof as the Belzer Rebbe, whom they called "YeMach Shemo" when the Belzer Rebbi came to the USA many years ago. They actually threatened his life and Belz had to hire security by the Friday Night Tish!

(3) The Litvisher Rosh yeshivas hadn't answered whether they would show or not. They really didn't want to join, because by in large the litvisher world doesn't work, and expect everyone else to support them. 
The Supporters of the Yeshiva quietly threatened to cut off support if they acquiesced.

(4) Aguda had said that they did not endorse the protest, because they knew that they would lose financial support from their benefactors who all support Israel (as it should be)!

So the Israeli askanim that came up with this brilliant idea, saw the whole ball of thread unraveling in front of their eyes!

The truth is that practically all Baalei Batim believe that any protest agains Israel is a huge Chillul Hashem, and there isn't a place hot enough in hell for those who organize these protests!

The Yeshiva students love these protests because protests are their only outlet, since the Yeshivas won't let them exercise and spend  time outside to get some fresh air.
Also, they by in large don't want to work or join the army, they would rather the Chiloim work their proverbial tails off and have them pay taxes, so that these taxes go to Yeshivas!

The Chilonim finally woke up from their slumber and saw that they were sending their children to die in the army to protect the Yeshivah boys, and saw their hard earned money go to Yeshivas.
At the same time the Yeshivas were ungrateful and never uttered the words "thank You" to the supporting Chilonim or the State, instead they bombarded them with stones and insults!
It is only now that funds were cut, that they are shrieking "fowl."

So, the Belzer Rebbi announced that he was not coming to the USA. The Gerer Rebbi said that if the Belzer doesn't come, he ain't coming ... so from there it went downhill.....

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Anonymous said...

If you have a problem in America, you protest in America. If you have a problem in Israel protest there. Why would they come here to air their Israeli laundry?