Saturday, December 31, 2022

Sefer Torah Falls Down on Shabbos in Ponovitz


This Shabbos, as they were taking out a Sefer Torah to lein  in the Ponovitz Beis Medrish "ohel kedoishim" another Sefer fell down to the floor. This in front of all who were there. 

Rabbanim of Bnei-Brak are questioning whether the ones who witnessed this will have fast a seperate fast or will it be ok to combine this fast with Asara Be'Teves that is coming up on Tuesday. 


Anonymous said...

The Ponivitcheh Sefer Torahs fell a long time ago. With all the machlokes there.

Frum but normaL said...

Those gangsters and criminals in Ponovitch, don't need sefer torah's, what they need is being locked up in a jail cell for a very long time.
Or better yet,they need to be inducted into ZAHAL,and immediately sent to Gaza, where they can use their 20 years of experience of fighting each other, into fighting the Hamas terrorists.

Nochum said...

To FBN 11:01
Aside frome your sick and constant LH, motsi shem ra and rechilus that you keep spreading here on the net, it's truly hopeless to ever hope to hear just one positive word from you. At this level, maybe you should seek some psychological assistance.