Thursday, December 22, 2022

Yoilish Krausz the one responsible for illegal protests in Yerushalayim and the cause of a mother of 11 to be in a coma has a Chanuka song against fellow Jews


I know this guy personally, he is a very evil cruel sicko! 
To make money and fund his hate protests against the light rail and kosher cell phones, he opens his home on Shabbos to all making it look like that he loves Jews no matter who, but it's a front to fundraise all over the world. His income comes primarily from naive Americans who fall for his charm.
Anyone giving this guy a peruta is an accomplice to his hate campaign against his brothers and sisters.

Notice that this video shows his boys and girls at one table singing his sick hate song. If any other person would put out a video like this, he would burn the guy's house down. 
On one hand he acts like he loves all Jews by opening his home on Shabbos and on the other hand he organizes protestors and pays them to block traffic for hours. His actions are the direct cause of a mother of 11 being in a coma. 
Rabbanim will not dare to come out with a "mochaa" or they will find themselves in the hospital. 

One of Israel’s most outspoken and famous anti-tziyoni activists, Yoilish Krauss, put together his own angle on the song “Yevonim,” singing it along with his family after lighting the Chanukah neiros in his Meah Shearim home.

The Krauss’s often take part in the hafganos emblematic of their community and are unapologetic in their defense of Torah and virulent hatred of the Zionist government.

The lyrics to the song are:

אוי ציונים נקבצו עליי אזיי בימי סאטמר, ופרצו חומות החינוך וטימאו כל התלמודי תורה, ומנותר הקנאים נעשה נס לשושנים, ימי שבת ימי יום טוב קבעו מחאות והפגנות


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family singing around a table so nice.

Anonymous said...

Why is this filthy swine still breathing, or better yet, why hasn’t this filthy murderous gangster and sewer rat been deported to his friends in Gaza