Monday, December 12, 2022

Holocaust Denier Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi Being Sued by Bennett


"Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi, the infamous Holocaust denier will have to make a public apology, not for denying that 6 million Jews were murdered but because he claims that Bennett's mother wasn't Jewish.

YossieMizrachi had admitted that he is no Rabbi and never received "smicha' from anyone. This arrogant "am haaretz" was previously condemned by the Noveminsker z"l, hYossi also claimed that Jewish women posed nude for the Nazis before being gassed. 

I cannot believe that this lunatic and mental midget has a following!

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has embroiled himself in legal wranglings with his detractors, determined to overcome the "poison machine," as he calls it.

According to a report in "Weekend News," Bennett has sent a warning in advance of a legal suit against prominent Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi, whose Torah classes are broadcast in Israel and across the world. Bennett is demanding that Rabbi Mizrachi apologize and also pay him compensation of 100 thousand shekels, after the rabbi said in one of his classes that Bennett isn't Jewish as his mother is not a Jew.

The class in question was uploaded to the rabbi's Youtube channel. In it, he says (in English) that, "No one can bear him [Bennett] - not a single person. There's no one as hated as him because of what he did. He broke all the promises he made, deceived everyone, deceived all his voters, joined up with the Muslim Brotherhood, and betrayed Israel."

Rabbi Mizrachi then added, "And furthermore, we found out just this week that his mother isn't even Jewish. In other words, he's not Jewish himself."

Bennett's lawyers emphasize that if Rabbi Mizrachi refuses to publish an apology, delete the videos in which he makes the statements, and pay compensation, they will open a court case against him and demand far greater compensation.


DrMike said...

It tells you something about Torah Any Time that they continue to host his depared lectures. I guess he's still "Torah True" to them.

Joe Magdeburger said...

I do not regard his speeches as Torah. I throw his cds and articles in the trash and not in shaymus, preferably with spoiled food and excrement.

Anonymous said...

years ago there was rumors that ariel sharon's mother wasn't jewish but was a member of the christian sect called the "subbotniks" because they kept a version of shabbos

Cohen Y said...

R'Gifter said that Teddy Kollek wasn't actually Jewish. Anybody going to sue?

jack said...

A filthy criminally insane Jew hating pervert.

Vasser Trogger said...

Torah Anytime is some Bucharian who farkoifs alkaline drinking water.

Politician in Langa Reckel said...

Ariel Sharon's real name is Scheinerman. His father was born in Brisk. His great-grandfather was Moshe Scheinerman so he is likely cousin of the Flatbush busybody by that name who is such a loudmouth critic of Dati Leumi that he will probably hide under his bed when this gets out.