Monday, January 4, 2016

Yoisef Mizrachi Claims that Nazis were more Tznisdik than not-frum Jews

The meshiginer, Mr. Mizrachi, claims in this video, that the Nazis YM"S had better morals than secular Jews, since  Nazis "separated the men from the ladies" before murdering them!

I'm not kidding! 

Before you watch the video below, make sure to have a barfing bag next to you, otherwise your wife will get upset that you threw up on her carpet! 

The truth is, that the reason Nazis separated men from the ladies was because they wanted to keep the ladies in the dark and give them some hope, to keep them orderly, so they told them that the men were going to work. 

This is well documented in the transcripts of the Neurenberg Trials and recorded in many scholarly books on the Holocaust!
But this vicious snake whose hatred against his brothers and sisters, that are not religious, far exceeds his dislike of the Nazi barbarians, distorts and re-writes history and wants you to think that the Nazis were far more Tznisdik than secular Jews!

There are many not frum Jews and even goyim that dress tznisdik, in fact all the Kol Koras that are distributed about Tzenees are primarily addressed to the frum oilem... 
All the Seforim that address Tznees issues are for the fum oilem...
So it's the Fummies that need help in Tznees issues!

Here watch where Mr. Mizrachi also claims that secular Jewish women posed in the nude to Nazi murderers knowing full well that they will be murdered minutes later..
He keeps saying "naked" "naked" "take their clothes off"  "putting men and woman naked together like sardines"
This guy has one filthy perverted mind!
Sick dude!


Anonymous said...

We must make sure this vicious poisonous snake becomes persona non grate in the frum jewish community,and especially we must make sure that Jroot radio stop broadcasting this perverts shiurim.
please,please bombard the station with your phone calls and e mails.
this is what i emailed today.

" This piece of Jew hating holocaust denying jewish KAPO bastard,is not only a holocaust denier,but also a sick sexual pervert .
in this video,this vicious animal claims that our millions of unfortunate holy mothers and sisters who were herded naked into the gas chambers,
the ones that were not religious deliberately posed naked in front of the Nazi cameras just minutes before they were gassed.
This vicious poisonous snake and sex pervert DOES NOT BELONG on a frum jewish radio station,this animal needs to be locked up in an insane asylum
for the criminally insane.

Anonymous said...

Meshigener bizti, yes it's a fact any goyta before the war was more modest than all none religious Jewish shiksas today, and yes the none religious Jews nowadays have a dress code of animals not humans, and of course you're defending the none religious aka animal community because you are an animal at least a mixed brood

Anonymous said...

He is trying to change history to fit his agenda the kedosim did not know that they were about to gassed nor were there any pictures taken right before they entered the gas chambers only pictures we have is from Russia before the women were shot MIzrahi's agenda is to dehumanize and delegitimize non orthodox jews