Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rabbi Wein Trashes Yoisef Mizrachi's "Stupid" Holocaust Claims

So Rabbonim and Jewish Historians are not accepting "Yossele's" Mizrachi lame apology and are condemning his sick and demented claim about the Holocaust!

Now read a letter from Rabbi Wein, a Jewish Historian who says that Yossele is basically an ignoramus making  stupid and dangerous statements that cannot be left "unanswered and unrefuted"
He added that Mizrachi is part of a new  "strange form of what can be termed rabbinic Holocaust denial."

By Rabbi Wein
I rarely if ever comment or disagree with pronouncements or public statements of other rabbis. These are people who are driven to publicity and even sensationalism and I never feel inclined to spoil their fun. However, every so often there comes along a rabbinic pronouncement so outrageous and damaging that even my reticent nature forces me to respond.
A rabbi is reported in public print and electronic media to have claimed that only one million Jews died in the Holocaust and that because of assimilation and intermarriage, the other approximately five million victims were not “real” Jews.
This claim is outrageous on numerous grounds – certainly in outlook but moreover in the sheer stupidity of not realizing the harm that such a statement by a rabbi can have in today’s anti-Jewish and anti- Israeli world. The rate of Jewish intermarriage in pre-World War II in Eastern Europe was relatively small – probably less than five percent. Even amongst the Communist Jews in Russia, the intermarriage rate before the war was low and only grew substantially later as a result of the war itself.
Thus, the three million Polish Jews, the million Jews of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine were all Jewish even by any stretch of halachic exclusionary stringencies. The Jews of Slovakia, Hungary, Bohemia, and Romania were more assimilated but not in the main intermarried. One has to remember that intermarriage requires two to tango and in anti-Semitic pre-World War II Europe, the non-Jews were loath to marry Jews even if the Jews were unfortunately willing to do so.
So the overwhelming majority of people whom the Nazis considered Jewish were in fact, halachically and in every other way Jewish. And that number is far closer to six million than one million.
It has been well established in Jewish tradition that Jews who are killed simply because they are Jews are considered holy martyrs no matter what the level of their religious observance in their lifetime. All Jews killed in the Holocaust were killed simply because they were Jews. Their designation as holy martyrs cannot be taken away from them by current political correctness in certain sections of Orthodoxy.
The rule of: “A Jew who sins is nevertheless still considered a Jew,” remains inviolate and in force even in today’s fractured Jewish society. Assimilated Jews are still Jews as are Jews who somehow no longer affiliate themselves with Orthodoxy and traditional Jewish ideas and lifestyle.
Kamenev, Lenin’s colleague and a leading Communist leader who was Jewish and an atheist, was purged by Stalin and subjected to a show trial. When being led away to be shot, he muttered to himself Shema Yisrael. All Jews, and especially rabbis, should be very reticent about terming other Jews, no matter what their level of observance may be, as being out of the fold. This is especially true when the people being excluded were martyred simply because they were Jewish. Our motto should always be “A Jew is a Jew. A Jew is a Jew.” For, so it is in Heaven and on earth.
And finally, how does one in the current climate of hatred against our people and state ally one’s self with Abbas, David Irving, the mullahs of Iran and other assorted haters and liars in minimizing, if not even thereby denying the reality of the Holocaust?
Even if what the rabbi said had some truth to it, which it does not, why the publicity and the notoriety? Are there no opinions that somehow can remain bottled up within rabbinic minds and stomachs? Where is common sense and Jewish loyalty? The statement of one instead of six million is the classical man bites dog story that the media constantly hungers for.
Maybe the rabbi was naive enough not to realize this, but we were long ago warned in Avot that “Wise men should be very careful with their words.” Silence is truly golden and sensationalist opinions and statements can only cause harm to all concerned. I have received emails from different types of Jews in different parts of the world asking my opinion about this rabbi’s comments about the Holocaust.
Apparently they think me to be some sort of expert on the matter, which I am not. However, their writing to me made me think that a response is truly necessary to this new and strange form of what can be termed rabbinic Holocaust denial. This article and my thoughts on this matter are the result. It is too damaging a matter to be left unanswered and unrefuted.


Whoa! said...

If I may point out, you might not realize how much weight this carries that sicko Mizrachi is being taken to task by Rabbi Wein of all people. Rabbi Wein is not only an expert on history but he is a lawyer who is known to measure every single word before it is published. Mizrachi is truly a unique shtik drek to provoke this kind of strongly worded response from Rabbi Wein!

Monsey said...

That scumbag Foley who is the Rockland County employee beyond the anti-Semitic "Block the Block" group, is not content to just be a rabble rouser in Monsey.

Here he is egging on people against Jews in the Lakewood NJ area.

Anonymous said...

These are people who are driven to publicity and even sensationalism and I never feel inclined to spoil their fun.
can someone explain this line to me

Shkutzim araus said...

Rabbi Wein is making a similar argument that Rav Sternbuch has made in the past.

There are always idiots out there looking for their 15 minutes of fame with their stupid outbursts. There is no need to respond to every idiot.

But once in a while a HUMUNGOUS IDIOT acts up so badly and creates such a massive chilul Hashem that we are forced to repudiate them.

The two cases I refer to also put Jews in danger.

Rabbi Wein is repudiating Kapo lunatic Mizrachi.

And Rav Sternbuch had repudiated the Kapo NK lunatics who hugged the murderous Muslim in Iran.

Losers of the world unite said...

Mizrachi is still working alongside Ezriel Tauber at Shalheves events. One of them is advertised in the newspapers this week as coming up

Tauber is a putz-thief who was put in cherem in the 1970s by R' Dovid Cohen after he pulled a real estate investment scam on Lakewood kollel yungerleit, refused to pay back and refused to appear in beis din.

Tauber is also accused on some anti-molester websites of having taken physical advantage of adult women.

shvantz said...

The Kapo Mizrachi later attacked these Sfardi British rabbis as being orthodox imposters for daring to dispute him.

Kapo Mizrachi must hold then that the Chazon Ish ztl is also an imposter for saying that Downs patients have very holy neshomos.

Kapo Mizrachi is also full of crap about the Sfardi countries. The Alliance from France unfortunately made many Sefardim not frum. And Sfardim or Edut Mizrach Jews in countries like Iraq, Bahrain, Eritrea and India became very weak in their observance probably on a larger scale.

A Sephardi congregation has cancelled a talk by a rabbi who believes that Down’s Syndrome and autism are punishments for sins committed in a previous life.
Israeli-born Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, who runs an outreach organisation in the United States, was due to speak at Od Yosef Hai in Hendon, north London next month.
In videos of his previous talks, he can be heard describing Down’s Syndrome, autism and other conditions as “a punishment as a result of the previous life”.
He has also suggested that mixed parties cause cancer and that the Holocaust was brought by God to European Jews because they had abandoned Torah, whereas in most Arab countries, where Jews were largely religious, there had been “no Hitler, no Holocaust”.
Daniel Anderson, a member of Cockfosters and North Southgate Synagogue, who learned of Rabbi Mizrachi’s visit through Facebook, protested to Od Yosef Hai at “the deeply hurtful and incendiary” views. “I was shocked,” Mr Anderson said. “He is effectively blaming people for their illness and conditions.”
But Rabbi Mizrachi argued this week that his words had been taken out of context. He said: “I said in my lectures many times that, according to Judaism and Kabbalah, all of us are reincarnations, which means our soul was in this world before in a different body, and came back to correct what we sinned in our previous life.”
He insisted he “would never dare to disrespect” people with disabilities.
Rabbi Mizrachi said that Od Yosef Hai had apologised to him. The talk would now take place in a different venue.
Yosef David, a rabbi at Od Yosef Hai, gave no reason for the cancellation but said that the lecture had been organised by another group, Torah Platform, not by the congregation itself.

Yosef Insaneovic Mizrachi said...

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi
February 2, 2014

to all my fans and supporters !!!
after an amazing shabat that i spoke in 3 different shuls here in London and a lecture last night (Saturday night) ,i spoke today in the morning in the "od yosef chai shul" (the shul that originally cancelled but changed their mind after they realized that everything that they were told by the evil wicked enemies of hashem and the torah was all pure lies ) it was really great even the 2 chief rabbis came to the lecture and rav eliyahu the son of rav mordechai eliyahu (the former chief rabbi in israel) and it was extra amazing ,tonight was a huge event in the netzach israel shul(rabbi doron) in golders green ,i stayed 2 hours after the lecture and spoke to more than 60 people that stayed to speak to me ,i met so many fans here and made so many new fans b"h ,tomorrow morning(monday) i speak in "torah way " in 62 brent street in hendon London at 8:30 am ,and at 9:15 am in "ner israel " school on brent street " and the last event tomorrow night (Monday) in "anshey shalom" shul at 37/41 grove end road London and its expected to be also packed -the conclusion of this trip is that this evil wicked people try to cancel lectures but not only they cant cancel anything they actually dabble the amount of my lectures here from 4 to 8 and the newspaper that they got to write against me asked to do an article about my kiruv work so i am getting a huge publicity all over England for free thanks to this evil monsters -hashem is wonderful and always help the in the best possible way and the 2 people that was trying to ruin the lectures here are burned out for good they are not welcomed anymore in any community here after everyone found out here what evil liars they are they expected now to have a veruy difficult time here -this news is to all the people that love torah and musar love hashem to see how this horrible people prepared a tree for me and they are getting hang on is just like haman -hashem runs the world and their real eternal punishment did not even start yet but soon we will all see how they get destroyed for eternity just like the torah promised !!!

Anonymous said...

The idiot Mizrachi's moronic comments are now being published on anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying websites alongside the fecal droppings of the Neturei Karta perverts.