Friday, January 1, 2016

Satmar Newspaper "Pissed off" Hillary Clinton

Der Zeitung, a Satmar Yiddish Weekly that swings both ways, and supports both Satmar Gangster  factions..... both, The Zalonim and The Aroinim, photoshopped out Hillary, and she was fuming; shooting of an  an e-mail, "I want to do something"!
Hillary is in a lot of company about wanting to do something about a frum newspaper that spews hate against any Jew living in Israel! This Newspaper that resembles Der Sturmer never misses any opportunity to deride and castigate the majority of the Jewish people ....
Kein Yoivdu kol Oyivcha Hashem!

 The State Department said Thursday that portions of 275 emails released on New Year’s Eve from Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state have been newly classified, bringing 2015 to a close for the Democratic presidential front-runner.
Clinton has said she didn’t send or receive information that was classified at the time via her personal email account, which was run on a private server at her New York home. Republicans have repeatedly questioned whether her use of a private email system put sensitive information at risk.
In all, the State Department said 1,274 of Clinton’s emails have been retroactively classified since the department started reviewing them for public release.
In one of the emails released , Clinton expressed outrage at a Hasidic Jewish newspaper that airbrushed her and another woman out of a famous photograph of officials in the White House Situation Room watching the raid on Osama Bin Laden.
The original photo had shown Clinton seated at the table, her hand covering her mouth. Counterterrorism director Audrey Tomason had also been pictured, standing at the back of the room. Both were blacked out in the newspaper’s reproduction of the photograph.
“The Jerusalem Post reported today that a NY Hasidic paper Der Zeitung published the sit room photo w/o me (or Audrey T) photoshopped out perhaps because no woman should be in such a place of power or that I am dressed immodestly!!” Clinton wrote in an email with the subject line “Unbelievable.”
The email was sent May 8, 2011, to aides, including Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, and to her daughter, Chelsea, under the alias Diane Reynolds.
White House photo/Pete SouzaWhite House photo/Pete Souz


Romanisher Ferd said...

This needs some more perspective.

Hillary appreciates this paper bashing Israel which is why in the end she didn't make a huge stink against them.

Satmar goes way beyond what the halacha requires for histaklis benushim which is their problem. We don't need to buy their pathetic publication if we don't like it. This got under the skin of anti-Semite Hillary not just because it was personal and doesn't fit the feminist agenda but because how dare Satmar follow the Torah instead of secular Liberalism. In other words, even if Satmar was just following halacha instead of going overboard, Hillary would still be having a fit.

So continue giving petch to Satmar, but make sure Hillary doesn't get a free pass.

Anonymous said...

And btw if Clinton wins the election which is almost sure she will she's going to be a good messenger to finish off what Obama didn't succeed and help in the elimination of the Zionist atheistic terroristic regime, obviously we hope and look forward it should be much sooner

Anonymous said...

Shoyteh at 6:59 pm,

I don't like the Tzioni state either but you have got to have a little seichel. Hillary will also finish off America by importing millions of terrorist Arabs so then no more KJ either.

Why don't you hand Hillary a rope that she can hang Israel and then America, KJ bichlal, with the same rope?

Shoyteh vus dee bist!

Dusiznies said...

Dear Readers
6:59 is a product of the anti-Jewish Satmar SHIT'ah...
And so he parrots the cursed Satmar philosophy and prays for the "elimination of the Zionist regime"
We G-d fearing Jews know that the only way Zionism is going to Chas V'Sholem be eliminated, is if millions of Jews die, Chas Ve'Sholom....
but this 6:59 animal writes and prays for that to happen...
I must say that his Dead Rabbis are never get out of hell!

Anonymous said...

Nobody from the Chevra Bnai Shmeck readership is asking an obvious question; that if it's assur to look at women's photos, how come the editors of ALL these rags that don't publish lady photos are permitted to look at them when perusing items off the news wires. They're looking at hundreds of females all day, then edit them & Photoshop them out so that the beheimishe potzevanteh readership shouldn't leer at them. All this just to plappel shkorim, loshon hora, hate, exaggerations and obsessive cheinik-hocking, insane anti-TziyoiNUM phobias .

Don't you Mukks ever question the heter , if any, these shvitzers have in staring at glossies all freekin' day.. But no, not you and me.. Oh, no... Not us...We peons and lubbooses need shmiras eyneim... But not them.. WHY?????????

de Heen & de Hoon

paskunyak said...

The issur of histaklus b'noshim means it is assur to STARE at a picture. There is no issur to print a picture that someone behaving normally will just glance at.

The Satmar editors are either trying to be holier than the Pope or are afraid that some sexually repressed menuvolim might stare at plump katchka Hillary in a pant-suit for extended periods of time.

Anonymous said...

America is done aready thanks to it's pro-gay policies, that's the fact since the toeivo movement started to gain support in the American judiciary community the entire country started to lose

Sdoym said...

When Clinton introduced Don't Ask Don't Tell for toyavah in the Military, the Mississippi had it's worst flooding since the 1930s.

Today the flooding there is even worse with entire towns under water.

Moral people are being bankrupted today by activist judges. Some troublemaker fag files a complaint that a bakery won't make a toyavah cake or a wedding hall won't book a toyavah event so the government confiscates the gesheft plus the life savings of these unfortunate business owners to give to the faygelach.

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!!! The video Hillary Clinton Does Not Want You To See. Must Watch! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video! But Hillary Can't Hide THIS Anymore!'t-Want-You-To-Know