Sunday, January 3, 2016

Yosef Mizrachi Issues Apology And Retraction Over Comments Made About 6 Million Kedosim HY’D

"I wish to apologize for my incorrect statement regarding the six million Kedoshim that were tragically murdered in the Holocaust. 

In the video that was shown that was from years ago ( it was not current ) only part of what I said was displayed in the entire lecture that was 2 hours I said that “I don’t know and used the word maybe 5 maybe 3 maybe 1 million we will never know. 

But now, I have been shown the accurate statistics and I realize that those that were not halachically Jewish were a very small minimal number. 

I do not wish to offend any of the holocaust survivors or their family members it has never ever been my intention. 

The Kedoshim of the holocaust need to be remembered and sanctified in the most honorable way possible those who know my lectures over the years know that I published many stories of kidush hashem from the Holocaust. My goal was to wake up our nation to the silent holocaust that is happening now which is the increasing intermarriage cases in usa and the rest of the world. "

Yosef Mizrachi 


Anonymous said...

Well he would, wouldn't he?

As for intermarriage, what is worse - a Jewish woman marrying a gentile and having fully Jewish children from him, or not marrying at all and/or not having children?

JewishRebel said...

He still blames the Holocaust on people who were not frum and he still said many things that insult people.

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