Sunday, January 3, 2016

Watch Thieves Stealing From Cars In Monsey

Once again, burglars broke into multiple vehicle over Shabbos in the Monsey area of Rockland County. Rockland Chaieirm Coordinator Yossi Margareten said  that 18 vehicles were broken into over Shabbos. 16 were in the Monsey (Ramapo) area, and two were in Spring Valley.

The burglars were captured on video at around 5:50AM, Shabbos morning. 

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Anonymous said...

The shvartzers & Hispanics doing this in the heart of Monsey simply walk over on foot from around the 45. Shomrim already caught a group of them recently by planting tracking devices in decoy loot.

In Airmont & to a lesser degree in Chestnut Ridge there is a gang of sophisticated Nigerians driving in from NJ. They drive around with a radio wave device to unlock matching frequencies for keyless entry vehicles. They take the stolen cars to Newark where they sit for a few days until container ships are ready to take the cars to West Africa. They use the streets instead of a warehouse to reduce the chance of being caught even if police do retrieve some of the cars in the meantime.