Monday, January 18, 2016

Chareidi Animals Attack IDF Soldiers on Shmuel HaNavi Street on Friday Night as the Soldiers were going to a Shabbos Seuda

Thank G-d there were some sane people on the street that intervened .....

A group of about 80 IDF soldiers and officers were attacked on Shmuel HaNavi Street in Yerushalayim on Friday night Parshas Bo. One female officer was hit in her face with an object but did not require transport to a hospital B”H.

According to a Kikar Shabbos News report, quoting eyewitnesses, the chareidie animals came out from a tisch and saw the soldiers and decided to attack them. 

A number of area residents saw what was taking place and intervened, explaining they were not about to stand by and let the soldiers get attacked and create a Chilul Hashem against the chareidi tzibur.

It appears the soldiers were heading to the Maalot Daphne apartment of Rav Machlis for a seudas Shabbos. 

During the Shabbos meal the rav explained to them the actions of the attackers do not in any way represent the majority of the chareidi community.


ferd said...

Oisvarf Marc Schneier who was recently expelled from the OU's rabbinical association RCA for behavior unbecoming a rabbi, is getting ready to marry wife # 6. She deosn't wear very much clothing and while they are still unmarried Marc is manhandling her in public, which is just Marc being Marc.

Is Simi Teitelbaum from the extended Satmar clan?

She is a real estate mega broker in Israel (Marc likes $$$ money too) and Michael Wildes got her an H1B visa to work in NY.

Anonymous said...

Why do you call chareidim Chayos. They stand up for jewish values like shabbos and gay parades. These female soldiers don't belong in jewish areas. Power to the real jews. The jerusalem chareidim.

Anonymous said...

You serve in the IDF or American Armed Forces, You are in my neighborhood and need a place for Shabbos Seudos, by all means, invite yourself by Thursday Morning and I will make sure to have a place for you.

Anonymous said...

"....They stand up for jewish values like shabbos ..."
Right... Like being mechallel Shabbos by throwing rocks and smashing objects... By attacking other Jews on Friday night Shabbos after getting drunk on Malaga Tisch..

"... gay parades..." So do other Jews oppose it, they don't have the monopoly.

"...female soldiers don't belong in jewish areas..."
Maybe if all Chareidim served , there'd be no need for female soldiers. Beshaas hadchak, when you have 250 million Arabs surrounding you, then please draft my grandma with her baggy shorts also.

Derby.... Shabbos values, Mmmmmmmmmmmm........MWA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAhaha..