Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Skverer Rebbe Visits his brother-in-law The Belzer Rebbe, No Privacy

Here see two brother-in-laws that are married to sisters meet in Israel, and all they do is mumble and are surrounded by their respective Chassidim, giving them no privacy!
Not that they need privacy, from the discussions that I made out, there was nothing said!
They are leaders of thousands but have very little to say to each other...
Watch the  awkward moments of silence..

But  .... hey .... give the guys a break..


Abe said...

Fortunately for those that read this blog, I can lip read yiddish. I used to work for the FBI in the secret Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood, where I was instrumental in the indictment of a few major ganavim. Anyway, here's what they're saying.

Skverer: Are you hungry?

Belzer: I sure am, but I want some good heimishe essen, not these stale fruits on the table. A nice piece of carp smothered in carrots and jellied fish sauce and a slice of leftover challe from Shabbos. My stomach is beginning to growl just thinking about it.

Skverer: You don't like the Fruit? Let me tell you, this is the best fruit in all of Eretz Yisroel. My entourage chevra scoured the best supermarkets in Meah Shearim. Have a banana. It'll satiate you until you get back to your host's house. Then you can slurp down your carp fish.

Belzer: You bought the fruit in Meah Shearim? You know, you need better help. I wouldn't buy any fruits in Meah Shearim.

Skverer: Why do you insult my chevra? What's wrong with the fruit?

Belzer: The Hechsher !

Skverer: Hechsher? What hechsher? Hechsher on a banana?

Belzer: Not the banana itself, but store it was purchased in.

Skevere: What's wrong with the store was purchased in?

Belzer: They don't have aisle segregation for men and women at the checkout counter.

Skeverer: How do you know this? Have you investigated all the food stores in Meah Shearim?

Belzer: I don't have to. Meah Shearim has a chezkas pritzus at the checkout counters.

Skeverer: I never heard of this. Are you sure of this?

Belzer: I'm 100% sure because my Kehilla in the USA mandated a chezkas pritzus on Meah Shearim until they have segregated all their food stores.

Skeverer: Oy gevald! I was totally unaware!

Skverer: Yerachmiel! ( motioning to the head of his chevra), Throw out the fruit! It has a questionable Hechsher !

Belzer: What you say, we sneak out of here and you can come to my residence for some delicious carp.

Dave said...

The Sqverer is coaching the Belzer on how he too can get some incarcerated followers out of jail early via a Presidential pardon or paying off a judge.