Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chareidie Men violating the prohibition of "Dressing like Women"?

The pictures of the models below were from the Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes Fashion Show!

So what will the Chareidie Oilim do now? 
Dressing like any of the models falls into the Torah Prohibition of "Lo Tilbash" .... which means that Men cannot  wear women clothing!
I hear that R' Niederman is rounding up the "Satmar Troops" to protest the show! 

Wearing a Rabbisheh Gartel


Tuna Beigel said...

That guy in the bottom picture with the kurtze gray suit jacket & uphat, I think he davens at a shul in Lawrence.

Sdom vaAmora Admah Tzvoyim Tzoar (5 Towns) said...

Sounds about right. The shayla is ober is he a BT from Shor Yoshuv or an ex-Boro Parker vus redt a heimishe Yiddish who was a chussid of Dovid Weinberger until Weinberger had too many escapades for the shul to cover up.