Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Skverer Rebbe greets IDF Soldier at Meoras Ha'Machpeilah

R' Aron Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe, is the  brother-in-law of the Skverer Rebbe . The Skeverer Rebbe defied his crazed "shvuger" and traveled to Chevron to visit the Meoras Ha'Machpeilah and went out of his way to thank the IDF Commanders for protecting the Holy sites. 
Chevron is the first Holy City of Klall Yisroel, established even before Yerushalyim. Dovid Hamelech lived there and so did Shlomo Hamelech!

This famous visit of the Skeverer Rebbe to the Kotel and to Chevron with thousands of his loyal followers, proves once again that Satmar SHIT'ah has lost its influence, and people are laughing at their idiotic philosophy of not visiting the Kotel or the Meoras Ha'Machpeilah! 

In Jewish History only two leaders banned visits to the Kotel and that is Satmar and Yerovam ben Navot!

Kudos to the Skverer Rebbe .... Kol Ha'Kovod!


Skverrorist said...

Why such a kind view of David Twersky visiting Tzahal? Maybe he wants to know if the Israeli counterpart of DARPA (The Military's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for weapons) has developed more advanced molotov cocktails than the one the Rebbe's hoiz bucher threw at Rottenberg so that Skver can get the job done "right" on the next victim who helps make minyan for a bedridden choylah.

Anonymous said...

At least Duvid'l Twersky only terrorizes his own chasidim living in New Square,as opposed to this gypsy Romanian Israel hating barbaric savage "Aron Teitel-bum" and his Satmar gangsters who terrorize anyone who does not fall in step and agree with their
criminally insane pathological hatred of our God given holy land (just ask all the Lubavitchers,Belzers,Klauzenburgers, Aguda,etc.

Anonymous said...

this skverrorist sounds more like a viznitz monsey potz guided by his rebbe who himself is a control maniac

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, don't even waste your breath on satmar. When it comes to the Holy land, yoilish was an imbecile, as are the thousands of brainwashed imbeciles that followed suit. Aaron, aka naareleh, is a total waste of dna.

Gerrorist said...

7:07 pm sounds like a bigger potz who never made it in Kaser.

Agudah Kovod Zucher said...

R' Duvidl didn't ship over to the Holy Land his fleet of luxury vehicles so he can tour in style?