Thursday, January 14, 2016

Unkosher Rabbi Genack endorses an anti Israel Treif Candidate for President

Unkosher Genack with the Chazzer Feesel Clinton

Can we now trust the OU on kashrus?

Rabbi Menachem Genack is the CEO of the Kashrus division of the OU, effectively in charge of most of the kosher food consumed by Jews in the USA. Let's not forget that most of the "Heimeshe" Hashgachos totally rely on the OU, so this guy is the man that most Jews in the entire country trust for their kosher food...

So how can we trust his judgement, if he has no compunction endorsing Hillary Clinton, a proven Sonei Yisrael for President? 

And what is it with these Jews and Rabbis that repeatedly stab us in the back and we continue with our life as usual!

Why isn't there an uproar, when this arrogant lilliputian Genack writes his opinion in the Jewish Week endorsing  Hillary Clinton for President.

 Clinton has proven to be a true friend of Israel. She has spent decades developing and nurturing relationships with Israeli leaders that would continue if she becomes president."

Click on this link and you will see a lifetime of Hillary stabbing Jews in the back. She is the classic anti-Semite!
She hates Netanyahu and hates Israel!

It is unbelievable that  an Orthodox rabbi at one of the most prestigious kashrut organizations in the world  endorses someone so wedded to left-wing ideology and enemies of Israel, and to then promote her as a staunch friend of Israel against overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is  beyond comprehension and reality. 
And while he makes it a point to say that his views do not reflect those of the Orthodox Union, no reasonable person can deny the negative public relations effect this will have on the OU.
Hillary Clinton was secretary of state for an administration whose top priority was to disengage as leader of the free world by choosing instead to let other countries take the lead. 
With every major Jewish organization, including the OU, opposing the flawed nuclear deal with Iran, Hillary Clinton sided with the Obama administration. 
Rabbi Genack should be ashamed of himself.
This is why Jews are in danger. 
Not because of the usual anti-Semites, we have defeated them throughout history. 
Its the enemy within


Roto Rooter said...

DIN, dee shlufst?

Where have you been until now when Genack was RAISING MONEY for Hillary's campaign in the last primary against Obama?

The man is completely corrupt. His personal friend Katz from Teaneck was a veal processor. He was caught with treif being misrepresented as kosher in the early 1980s so he shuttered his business overnight. R' Moishe Feinstein himself summoned Katz but he ignored R' Moishe. When the Jewish Press reported it Katz tried suing them for millions. About 2 years later Genack wanted to cover up & whitewash his friend so he appointed Katz to Chairman of OU Kashrus! And just recently Katz was made President of the entire OU!

There is a lot more dirt on Genack but I think you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

Tzidreiter meshigener

Quack Quack Menachem Genack said...

It is known in kashrus industry circles that Genack just overrides the figurehead "poskim" Rabbis Schechter & Belsky whenever it suits him. The OU tells the public they follow these rabbis and a certain bare minimum of halacha but when Genack has an agenda to do less that is what is implemented.

Chanie said...

It's beyond my understanding why people care who endorses whom and don't simply vote for the person that best suits their needs. Have they no brains to figure it out and need to be told who to vote for? Sheep.