Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hamas Terror Tunnels Collapsing Under Heavy Rain in Gaza

It seems that the miracles that Hashem did for the Jews when they left Egypt .... having the Egyptians drown while pursuing the Jews ....  is repeating itself with the Arab murderers drowning in their own mud ...just like we read in this week's parsha, Parshas Be' shallach!

 Hashem is continuing to perform miracles for the Zionist nation and that should give all of us hope!

As Jews around the world continue to beseech the One Above to continue the nurturing rains of winter in the Land of Israel, Mohammed Ashour al-Naj’ar, has found his rest after many hard hours living as a tunnel digger in Gaza.
The Izz a-Din al-Qassam military wing of Hamas announced Saturday al-Naj’ar, 31, was buried alive in a tunnel collapse due to weather conditions.
The Khan Younis resident added his body to those of numerous other victims who chose to uselessly sacrifice their lives to the terrorist organization.
The soft sands of Gaza are easy for diggers to tunnel through, but that same softness becomes a death trap when the moisture seeps in from the heavy rains of winter. It is then that the weight of the mud above transforms their work environment into a grave.


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Boruch Hashem.

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