Saturday, January 16, 2016

Devorah Stubin Found in Submerged Car In Passaic River ..................... Video

Devorah Stubin a"h

Devorah Stubin was found dead today on Shabbos in her car in a New Jersey river, police said.
Car being hoised out of water

Guard Rail That Devorah drove right thru
The Levaya for Devorah Stubin A"H, who went missing on Thursday night, will be held on Sunday afternoon, at 2:00PM at the Jewish Memorial Chapel, located at 841 Allwood Road, Clifton, NJ  07012. The Kevura will be at King Solomon Cemetery in Clifton.

Devorah Stubin, 22, of Passaic, was last seen Thursday night in Maywood Township driving a gray Mitsubishi Galant, according to New Jersey State Police.

A car was located late Saturday afternoon in the Passaic River in Wallington. Scuba divers were dispatched to the scene and identified the car and a body presumed to be Stuvin.
More than 100 people had gather early Saturday to search for her.
Stuvin suffered from complex partial seizures. These types of seizures can last for a few minutes and at times can cause people to wander, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.
On Thursday night she was pulled over in Maywood for a traffic stop. Family members told police that she immediately called her mother crying afterwards.
A family friend, Mitch Morrison remarked, “She was very, very sweet. She was very mindful of other people. She was very conscientious and had a lot of friends,”
Stubin was driving a grey Mitsubishi Galant with N.J. registration K40FPH. The car was found and Police Divers have matched up the license plate. The vehicle is in the process of being removed from the river.
Bergen County Police Chief Saudino commended the incredible search effort by Hatzolah, Chaverim, Shomrim from many areas including Brooklyn, Passaic, Rockland County, Lakewood and many other areas. In fact, the vehicle would have never been located if not for a Chaverim Volunteer.
She was wearing glasses with black frames, a pink wool coat, a long black skirt, and rainbow-colored sneakers.
Police were tracking her debit card, credit cards and her EZ Pass.


Anonymous said...

People with seizures should NOT be driving. Won't bring her back but I wonder why she was driving.

Sam said...

Good point

Anonymous said...

She certainly shouldn't have been driving, could have killed others. Wonder how she got a license?