Thursday, January 7, 2016

Frum Savages Laugh and Sing while Violently Protesting 4 Year Old child's autoposy

I am sure that there will be those who will defend the animals protesting in Yerushalayim today.

But first, here is the story.

Parents are mourning. An entire family is mourning.

To make matters worse, the court has decided to perform an autopsy on the child.A babysitter has been arrested, and has confessed to her actions which resulted in the tragic death of this pure Neshama.

The parents are beyond devastated.

The grandfather of the child is the Mayor of Beit Shemesh. A respected and well-connected person. Rest assured, he is using all his connections to have the autopsy prevented. I can promise you that (hopefully) when the autopsy is prevented, the reversed decision will have NOTHING to do with the Hafganos.

But instead, the regular Chayos take to the streets, burning the city down, disrupting traffic, inconveniencing thousands upon thousands of people from getting to and from work, school, doctors appointments, Yeshiva, Kollel, Shopping or anything else. Naturally, the cries of “NAZIS!” is being screamed at the police.

But don’t worry — they are doing this all “Lishem Shomayim”.


See this video below, to show to your readers.
The protests got so out of control, that water canons were brought into the streets to restore law and order.
But watch what happens.

People sing and dance in the streets!

Is this the people that are deeply saddened about the tragic death of a four year old?!
I don’t think so.

This is just as disgusting as the people dancing at a wedding and pointing knives through the photo of a Palestinian child who was murdered in an arson fire. There is no difference. 

These people need to be rounded up and taken away from our society which they are slowly destroying. Hateful, hurtful, violent people. There are no other words for such Chayos. 

This is not the way of the Torah. What Heter is there to destroy city property?
But not to worry. The haters will be after me in the comments about what “Reshoyim the Tziyonim are”, and “=what a lowlife I am for calling these “holy protesters” animals.

Something needs to change. We are doing something very wrong.

With a broken heart, and Tefillos for the speedy arrival of Moshiach,

Yehoshua Grossberg – Jerusalem.


Anonymous said...

How do you know that the grandfather Mayor Abutbol is against the autopsy even if it is within the guidelines allowed by the major poskim like Noda Bihuda? You have to have solid knowledge before throwing out a severe accusation like that.

And don't call these Sikrik savages "frum". Everyone is against them against for Tuvya Weiss & those who agree with him.

Anonymous said...

Why do you need to steal articles like this one, word for word without any credit. Your not any better than Mizrachi.

Dusiznies said...

Grossberg directly sent me the letter, what the hell are you talking about?