Thursday, January 7, 2016

Yoisef Mizrachi will defend his asinine Holocaust Comments on Zev Brenner Show

Rumor has it that this Motzei Shabbos on the Zev Brenner Radio Show, Mr. Mizrachi will try to answer and defend his revisionist views on the Holocaust!

It's important to call the show and let him know that
 "Lo Zu Haderech" 
Let him know that he is a "Baal Loshon Harah" and that he should go back to a frum yeshivah to learn the basics...

Yossie was born to Chilonie parents and never had a proper frum Yeshiva Education and now pretends to be a "rabbi" and shoots his filthy mouth off about topics he has no clue on!

He is also obsessed searching for photos of dead nude non-frum Jewish women that were murdered by the Nazis, claiming that they "posed nude for the Nazis, knowing full well that they would be murdered minutes later"

This is a "rabbi" 

His claim that less than 1 million Halachicly Jewish people were murdered by the Nazis was strongly condemned by the Novominsker Rebbe, the head of the Moetzes Gedoilie Yisroel!

Call the Zev Brenner Show! 
(212) 769-1925
email your questions directly to  Zev Brenner


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Anonymous said...

Not having a chinuch & a rebbe is a big problem which is why Steinzaltz is so krum.

This kapo-putz Mizrachi should run & hide with his tail between his legs and stop digging bigger holes for himself

Anonymous said...

DIN, I salute you for keeping the heat on this criminally insane KAPO pervert YEMACH SHEMO.
We must bombard Zev Brenner and implore him not to give this poisonous snake a forum to
spread his filthy anti Jewish Nazi propaganda.

A holocaust survivor.

Anonymous said...

Hey and what are you? You have the chutzpah to attack and call someone Baal Lashon Hora? You who would perfectly fit in to be honored the world's minister of Lashon Hora and you have no shame? And did you have a yeshiva education? If measuring filthy mouths you deserve a honorary degree for your disgusting filthy toilet mouth

Anonymous said...

Dude, dude, I think you need to take a really big chill. Yes his statement was wrong and terrible but you are freaking out like a wacko. He did not kill anyone, he made a statement. And surprise, the man is a Jew as well. So calm your liver just a tad, and reserve all your crazy cruses for terrorists.

SHASMAN said...

Nice try..Rabbi mizrachi did a fabulous job and was largely supported bythe callers..Sorry your attempt of character assassination failed again...Probably because no more than a handful of losers ( including myself) read your pathetic blog...

Shavua Tov

Dusiznies said...

Hey Shasman
Not only did Mizrachi do a "fabulous job" but so did Shasai Tzvi