Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Yeshivah World Blog Steals R' Shmuelevitz Photos and puts their water mark on it

They do it all the time, for example just this week they took photos of the murdered Dafna Meir a"h from OnlySimchas and then put their own watermarks on it .... they also steal utube clips and then put their own logo on ..it

Now they posted old photos of R' Shmuelevitz and put their watermark all over it...

Now I steal pictures too, but I don't put watermarks on it to make believe it's exclusively mine..

Hey frummies .. is Geneivas dass permitted for a Yeshivishe blog? 
Just askin....

Here look at how brazen these thieves at Yeshivaworld are?

Here see a family photo of Devorah Stubin now has the Yeshiva World Watermark on it 


Anonymous said...

That's Eckstein for you.

The hypocrite was running ads that were not tzniusdik. When Yudel Shain reached out to him and asked him to kindly stop he was ignored. So when Yudel publicized against him, Eckstein sent him a childish email threat that he is going to bring Yudel "down to his knees" in retaliation.

Loser Watch said...

There was some kind of silly incident years ago where Eckstein was yelling at UOJ for not crediting a picture he said was his but UOJ got the picture from many people so there was no reason to credit Eckstein.

Can you spell hypocrite?