Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yoisef Mizrachi being cancelled all over the place!

Mr Mizrachi the Holocaust  Revisionist

Mr. Mizrachi has been told not to speak anyplace in the entire Queens Community until further notice. 

The one organization that did invite him has decided with local Rabbanim not to invite him for the near future.

Rabbi Eliezer Ralbag, resident  Rabbi of  Lakewood Courtyard has cancelled all future appearances!

כל מקום שיש חילול השם אין חולקין כבוד לרב

The Five million murdered Jews are coming back to bite him!


Anonymous said...

Please continue the pressure, contact root radio to take him off the air

Anonymous said...

this is the Email I sent to j-root radio
demanding they cancel this bastard's show.

"Please,Please,you must immediately stop broadcasting the lectures of this criminally insane holocaust denying bastard
Yossi Mizrachi yemach shemo.
This piece of human garbage,this KAPO Nazi bastard had the CHUTZPAH to claim that not even one million jews were murderred by the Nazi's
because the other 5 million were not Jewish.
we beg you and at the same time warn you,you must drop this gangster from your broadcast's,if not -tens of thousands of angry Jews
will boycott your station and boycott every advertiser of yours".

please,everyone write letters or copy and paste this one imploring the station to drop him

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Mizrachi clearly apologized and stated he had false information which he was basing off of. The holocaust survivors have accepted his apology. You can watch the video via Youtube if you wish.. .