Monday, January 18, 2016

Zurich Rabbonim Say that Protests against Swiss Will Cause Damage to Jews

SO it turns out that DIN was absolutely correct that the protests against the Swiss Consulate is being organized by the Satmars! 
See Kol Korah below!

At any rate, the Rabbonim that actually live in Switzerland are outraged at the  barbarians that are protesting the Swiss Consulate for expanding a museum that will include an old Jewish cemetery ... The Swiss want to exhume the bodies and place them elsewhere..... that brought out the "Williamsburg and Monroe roaches" in full force!

The Swiss Rabbonim are saying that they are working with the Swiss Government and the museum, and will work out some sort of compromise ... and that the protests will do untold damage!

The Satmar Leideigeires don't give two hoots about the Swiss Rabbonim, laughing them off.... as some annoying mosquitoes!

It's interesting to note that these protests are definitely Hisgaros Be'Umois, "antagonizing the gentile nations" something that the Satmar gangster brothers, accuse Israel of ..

These same "askonim" will only protest dead Jews....
The fact that  "live" Jews around the world are now in mortal danger, the fact that the EU is boycotting Israel, and making it difficult for Jews to make a living in the country that Hashem gave us, means absolutely nothing ....
Not one word of protest or a little bit of sympathy for the Jewish family of the murdered Tzeideikas Dafna Meir a"h!

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