Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chaim Kraus 6 Year old in Highland Park NJ Killed by a Texting Driver

A young child and along with his mother were struck and a vehicle in Highland Park, NJ, on Shabbos afternoon. 

 The vehicle jumped the curb on Raritan Ave and Columbia Avenue – directly across the street from Agudah of Edison and Highland Park.

Tragically, 6-year-old Chaim Kraus  died from his massive injuries.

Mrs. Rochel Baila Kraus is in critical condition and is currently in surgery. 

Her name for Tehillim is Rochel Baila bas Gittel.
They were walking to Pirchei at Shul when the accident occurred.

Misaskim is working with the local Medical Examiner to ensure proper Kavod HaNiftar.
Further details will be published when they are available.

Sources tell DIN that the  Driver of car was arrested, and was most likely texting while driving and suddenly swerved to avoid a car in front of him and went up on the curb.


Anonymous said...

Most likely? Either he was texting or he wasnt!

Unknown said...

I don't think you get charged with murder for texting. There is more going on here.